Deanwood Primary School | Prospectus

Our Ethos

and Values

At Deanwood we want everybody to be “Happy, Successful and Safe”. We aim to do this by promoting the fundamental British values of:

• democracy • the rule of law • individual liberty • mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs

Our assemblies further develop these British Values, as well as addressing the following key themes:


courage freedom perseverance love tolerance thoughtfulness patience respect





humility happiness

hope trust

co-operation understanding friendship


Regular Philosophy for Children sessions are used to enable children to further explore the British Values and key themes. In these sessions, children have the opportunity to share their views about topics as wide ranging as: “What is the best colour?”, “Is graffiti art or vandalism?” and “Should girls 03 play football?”. By providing the children with opportunities such as these, we are helping them to feel proud of their identity and to be comfortable to participate in everyday life both in school and also in the wider community.

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