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1990’S Chad Muessig (‘90) and his wife, Stefanie, live in New Jersey where Chad is a Sergeant with New Jersey DOC. Chad is also involved in his church as a Praise/Worship Leader. Julie (Schwartz) Mahoney (‘90) lives in Pennsylvania with her two boys, Samuel (17) and Benjamin (13), where she works for Rite Aid as a Pharmacy Technician. Henry (Hank) Russo (‘91) and his wife, Becky, have three children: Annie (15), Kerrie (13), and Julie (9). Hank works for Verizon maintaining Telephone & Internet infrastructure. Since 2006 he and his family have been traveling to Word of Life properties in the Philippines and Chile to help with phone repairs and installations. Jennifer (Hale) McGinn (‘91) lives in Virginia with her husband, Dave. She is involved in the Preschool ministry at her church and is a Homemaker. David Cucchi (‘92) is married to Richelle, and they have adopted five children (Gabby 10, Sabrina 9, Joshua 5, Mason 4 and Mariah 4). David is an IT/Cyber specialist, is heavily involved in his church, and has a passion for reaching the most broken men on earth. Richard & Becky (Wickliffe) Meyer (‘92) have two children at King’s College in Manhattan and two more children being homeschooled. Rich recently took the position of Director of Retreat Operations at Liebenzell USA. Wilbur “Bill” Kline (‘78) was an Off-Campus student and is now 89 years old living in Ohio with his wife, Joan (’93). He was 65 when he attended the BI. He does hospital visitation and drives those in need to doctor’s visits. Mark & Karen (Price) Weigner (‘94) have five children: Rebekah (20), Brienna (18), Narae (15), Adah (12), and Hanna (6). They live in Pennsylvania where Karen homeschools their children and leads women’s bible studies in their church. Kevin Abbott (‘94) is the Lead Pastor of First Baptist Church in Red Oak, TX. He and his wife, Mindy, have three children (Callie 16, Abigail 7, and Joshua 5). Jennifer (Crozier) Dallaire (‘94) lives in Sherbrooke, Quebec with her husband, Eric, and their two children, Anne-Marie (14) and Lydia (12). She is a stay-at-home mom and is involved in her church teaching Sunday School, doing Discipleship, and serves on the Worship Team. She also teaches at summer camps at Word of Life Quebec. Richard Bailey (‘94) and his wife, Rhonda, have two children: Lauren and Abby. They live in Georgia where Richard is an Assistant GM at WestRock Recycling. He also assists his wife with the CEF Chapter in Atlanta and leads the kid’s choir at church. Andrew Maddux (‘96) lives in the St. Petersburg, FL area with his wife, Kristen, and daughter, SaraRose (9). He is an Advancement Director for Keswick Christian School. Tim Aspin (‘96) and his wife, Sarah, have three children: Cydney, Cody, and Caleb. They live in Flushing, MI where Tim works for Cintas. Lydia (Weyman) Holcomb (‘97) met her husband, Fred (’97), at Word of Life Bible Institute, and they now have five children ages 2 – 10 including twins. They are all boys! Fred is finishing up his missionary aviation training, and they have applied to join the Samaritan Aviation ministry in Papua New Guinea. Julie (Weertman) Wilding (‘97) and her husband, Mike, have three children: Emma (12), Abbi (10), and Jase (4). She leads a ministry to about

1970’S Wayne & Sara (Siebert) Tripp (‘75) live in the Lynchburg area where Wayne is a professor at Liberty University and Sara is a Nurse Practitioner. They have two grown children and six grands. Vicki (Sands) Sullivan (‘77) lives in Maryland with her husband, Danny. She works for the Department of Commerce in Washington D.C. as an Administrative Assistant. Nancy (Anderson) Olsen (‘78) and her late husband have nine children and three grandchildren. She works full time as an RN and is working on her Master’s in counseling online. Connie (Motsinger) Sargent (‘78) is a pastor’s wife and mother of two grown children, Carissa (Sargent) Hoenshell (’02) and Cody Sargent (’10 & ’11). Her husband, Bob, pastors South Swansea Baptist Church in Massachusetts. She is involved in teaching Jr. Church, leading VBS, and a College & Career small group. 1980’S Doug & Sue Armbrecht (‘80) serve as the Word of Life Regional Coordinator in Florida. They remember their year at the BI as an unbelievable year. Ten married couples came to Word of Life Bible Institute that year and a number went into full-time ministry. The rest made a great impact in their local church. Paul & Kim (Eshleman) Barreca (‘80) have three married children and seven grandchildren. Paul has been a pastor for 35 years and recently accepted the position of Director of Fellowship International Mission. Denise (Martelle) Reed (‘82) lives in Nebraska with her husband, Todd. Gerry Dill (‘83) and his wife, Gail, live in Ellsworth, Maine where Gerry is pastor of Maine Coast Baptist Church. Kevin Molda (‘83) has been a real estate appraiser for 25 years. He and his wife, Rhonda, have three children (Benjamin 12, Hilary 24, and Kathryn 26) and three grandchildren. Joan (Cerak) Brown (‘84) is married to Andrew and is a Dental Hygienist in New Jersey. Kimberly (Rayner) Hutchins (‘87) and her husband, Ty, have three children: Brittany (Hutchins) Trimble (’15 & ’16) (21), Nathan (18), and Megan (16). Kimberly works part time at a daycare center and serves in the church nursery. Rebecca (Phillips) Hancock (‘89) lives in Virginia with her husband, Allen, and their daughter, Hailee (7). Rebecca is a Secondary Special Education Teacher. Wendy (Washburn) Houghton (‘88) lives in Montana with her husband, Mike, and their children: Seth (15) and Elizabeth (13). Wendy is a school teacher. Susan (Barrett) Rogers (‘89) lives in Michigan with her husband, Ray, and their four children: Victoria (16), Katie (13), Ford (12), and Barrett (7). She is a stay-at-home mom and homeschools her youngest. Pam (Moore) Rossik (‘89) is a Certified Home Health Aid and lives in Connecticut with her husband, Stephen. Jennifer (Lee) Higgs (‘89) and her husband, Donald, have a son, Khalil (19), and live in New Jersey where Jennifer is a Homemaker.

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