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My Valentine’s Day Surprise (SHH, DON’T TELL KIMBERLY)

Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays of the year. I love spoiling my wife, Caren, so I usually make a point to take some time away from work (even though Valentine’s Day falls smack in the middle of our busy season) to buy some flowers and make her a home- cooked meal. I love writing poetry, so I always write her a little something, too! Basically, I try to keep our celebration low-key and close to home because I think that makes the romance even more real. That said, I’m changing up my usual MO this year. Caren and I have decided to take Kimberly and her husband, John, along for the Valentine’s Day ride and do a couple’s cooking class together at our local Sur la Table. There’s a running joke in our little circle that Kimberly doesn’t cook (John has even wisecracked that she doesn’t know where the dishes are), so I thought I’d surprise them with the opportunity to cook together. Basically, we’ll all spend a few hours in cooking school, then eat what we cook and wash it down with great wine. The theme of the evening is “Tuscan Night,” so we should get a taste of Italy along

with bites of delicious steak. Caren and I even plan on bringing a bottle of our own wine along for the festivities. We’ve done other cooking classes at Sur la Table before and always have a good time, so I’m really looking forward to the night out! “If you want to steal my plan down to the letter for your own Valentine’s Day celebration, you have my full permission.” If you want to steal my plan down to the letter for your own Valentine’s Day celebration, you have my full permission. However, don’t forget to look around for other options! Everyone deserves to enjoy a beautiful night on Valentine’s Day, and luckily Naples has a host of incredible restaurants and romantic experiences to choose from. I can actually walk to some of the best restaurants in town from my home, including Osteria Tulia on Fifth Avenue (my favorite spot for Italian), and The French (a fantastic spot for a lunch date). So many fine restaurants come to mind that I can’t even list them all!

Beyond food, the Gulf provides a thousand of its own opportunities for romance. If your partner is adventurous, you could rent a boat and sail off at sunset or take a paddle board class together. If they’re more laid-back, you could plan a beautiful picnic on the beach. To really experience Valentine’s Day in luxury, you could even book a cabana at La Playa Resort or set up a spa day (complete with couple’s massage) at The Spa at Naples Grande. Still, I really don’t think anything beats a cozy, romantic Valentine’s Day in your dream home. Caren’s and my kitchen is truly the best place in the city to open a bottle of quality wine, linger over a home-cooked meal, and laugh together. If you can’t picture that kind of romantic night at your own house, it might be time for an upgrade. When you’re ready, Kimberly and I are here to help, and in the meantime, have a fantastic Valentine’s Day out!

–Vincent Napoleon


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