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Force Field TM Filters Remove Lead in Water to Safe Levels

Lead is a toxic metal that is harmful to human health; there is NO safe level of Lead exposure. The primary route for lead poisoning in drinking water is not contamination of water by leaded fuels, old batteries or some hazardous waste site. The primary route is the distribution system used to carry water to your home, and even the plumbing within your home or building. This problem has become nearly epidemic in proportion due to the crumbling of our nation’s infrastructure. Prior to 2014, the legal definition for “lead free” was plumbing fixtures with a lead content of less than 8 %. In 2014, the term was redefined to include only fixtures with a lead content of 0.25% and newly installed fixtures must use the “lead free” materials–but this did not apply to fixtures currently in use! Therefore, if your building was constructed even as recently as 2014, your pipes could contain up to 32 times the allowable lead levels. Even worse, much of the municipal piping that is getting the water to your building is decades old and these pipes, in many cases, are comprised or have components that are largely comprised of lead. Today the issue is so widespread that at least 4 million households with children living in them are being exposed to high levels of lead. There are approximately half a million U.S. children ages 1-5 with blood lead levels above 5 micrograms per deciliter (g/dL), the reference level at which CDC recommends public health actions be initiated. Don’t take chances with your water. Upgrade to Triple Clear today!


• Pre-Packaged solutions from 2gpm to 400gpm. Custom up to1200gpm. • Remove particulate matter down to 0.001um equivalent. • Remove > 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, and cyst. • Remove > 99.5% of lead. • Remove > 99.99% of cellular debris that causes biofilms. • Requires no chemicals. • Uses no electricity. • Low maintenance. • Pressure drop as low as 2psid (12psid max recommended).

Protect Your Building.

Protect Your Tenants.

Protect Your Profits.




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