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Do you think you know what the most common form of workplace discrimination is? It’s not sexual discrimination, racial discrimination, or even religious discrimination — it’s actually retaliation. According to the most recent data from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) website, charges of retaliation were more numerous than any other discrimination charges in 2017. Any time an employer fires, demotes, or harasses an employee for lawfully reporting discrimination or cooperating with EEOC discrimination investigations, that employer is engaging in retaliation. If you have reason to believe you are a target for retaliation for something along these lines, there a few steps you can take to address the issue. A good place to start is by talking to your organization’s human resources representative. Even if you don’t know why, asking an HR representative if there are reasons for a negative performance review or pay deduction is a necessary step to ensure you can make your case. It could be that there are other reasons for retaliatory behavior that you haven’t considered. If not, your case could have a legitimate basis. Since retaliation can take several forms, a retaliation case can be difficult to build. Employers engaging in retaliation might try to disguise retaliatory behavior to make a legitimate case against them less likely. The surest way to build your case is by saving any relevant documentation. This could be positive performance reviews prior to your complaint, nasty emails, or anything else showing that your employer had no legitimate reason for firing, demoting, or seemingly harassing you. If you were fired or demoted immediately THE MOST COMMON FORM OF DISCRIMINATION WHEN EMPLOYERS RETALIATE

CLUBS: NOT JUST FOR HIGH SCHOOL THE BEST WAY TO STAY ACTIVE IN RETIREMENT While it’s great not having your nose to the grindstone nine- to-five, leaving work also means leaving behind a lot of daily activities and social interaction. Eventually, having nothing but free time goes from relaxing to isolating, and that can be dangerous to your physical and mental health. When planning for retirement, it’s important to plan ways to stay active and engaged. Joining a new organization or club can be a huge benefit. Here are a few suggestions to help you stay active in retirement. Did you spend years dreaming about hitting the golf course every day? While it can be nice to spend some time alone on the green, consider joining a golfers club if you want to mix things up. Enjoy scrapbooking? Check for get-togethers at the craft shop. If you’ve always wanted to try pottery, look for a class at the rec center. It’s easy to find groups dedicated to just about any activity. Think of the causes you’re passionate about and get involved! Animal shelters and soup kitchens are always looking for volunteer help. Book lovers of all ages can join their local Friends of Libraries chapter. To make a difference through politics, help with fundraisers or join an active campaign. If you want to stay closer to home, check out your local homeowners association. There are plenty of ways to engage with like- minded people while making a difference. ENJOY YOUR HOBBIES GET INVOLVED Don’t know where to start when looking for a group to join? Start online! Try searching “groups for retirees” and see what comes up. You might discover a travel group and start planning your trip to Asia. Or maybe you’ll have more fun mentoring young people in your professional field. Don’t be afraid to spend your retirement doing something new! There’s nothing wrong with enjoying your alone time, but don’t let your alone time turn into a lonely retirement. Joining a group can help you broaden your social circle, stay active, and maybe even learn something new about yourself. TRY SOMETHING NEW

following your complaint, timing can be evidence of retaliation as well.

In any case, it will benefit you to consult with an attorney throughout this process who has

experience filing employee discrimination claims. We know how important your job is to you, and we want to make sure justice prevails in your case. Contact our office today.

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