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What is Causing the Pain? Think about the tasks that make up the majority of your day-to-day life. It is often said that life in the 21st century is way easier on the body than life during any other time in human history — and it’s true that there is a fair amount of evidence to support this idea. Rather than spending all of your days working in a factory or on a farm, the vast majority of Americans work indoors, often at a computer for a predetermined number of hours week after week. But this new lifestyle isn’t exactly harmless for the body, either. There are plenty of ways in which the common tasks of 21st-century life put the body under a great deal of stress. Sedentary lifestyles frequently contribute toweightgain,which increasesyour risk fora long listofobesity- relateddiseases.Thisputsadditionalstressonyourbody,whichcouldresult inpain incrucial joints likeyourshoulders,elbowsandyes,evenyourwrists. But even aside from that, there are a lot of potential issues that your body can face as a result of sedentary behavior in the workplace — including shoulder, elbow and wrist pain. Elbow, wrist and shoulder injuries are especially common as a result of workplace injuryandoveruse.While it issometimespossible to takeaction to prevent an injury from developing, it is especially important to be able to

recognize when an injury develops and to understand ways that you can combat that injuryby identifyingwhatmayhavecaused thepain todevelop in the first place. Common issues that can lead to shoulder, wrist and elbow pain include: • Issues with poor posture • Carpal tunnel syndrome, which can develop from overuse of the wrist and regular, repetitive motions, such as typing • Heavy lifting

• Athletic injuries • Muscle sprain • Muscle strain • Dislocation or hyperextension of the joints

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