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18 Lettering

We understand that choosing the wording and the design for your loved one’s headstone is something you will want to take time over, and we will give you plenty of help and guidance to choose something that feels personal and special. Depending upon the type of material chosen, your inscription may be produced in one of the following lettering types:

Lettering type


Cut only

Cut & enamel painted

Cut & gold leaf

Cut & lead filled

Portland Stone

  

  

  

York Stone

     

Purbeck Marble

   

 



 


Lettering style If you have a particular letter font that you would like to use which is not listed, please contact us and we will let you know if it is suitable to be used on the material chosen.

Example of lettering style

Lettering name

Lettering name Example of lettering style

Times Roman

In Loving Memory


In Loving Memory


In Loving Memory

Times Roman Italic

In Loving Memory

Old English

In Loving Memory

Caxton Bold

In Loving Memory


In Loving Memory


In Loving Memory

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