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Ping Fu Bridge, Man Cheng North Street, Jin Feng District, Yin Chuan City, Ningxia, China 30 Tonnes (+86) 138 956 27933

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Founded in 2013 in the heart of the Ningxia region, the vines stand on 28 Hectares of calcium rich soil. Li’s Winery was founded by Li Jun who passed it over to his son, Li Xueren.The vines are planted at the foot of the Helan Mountains offering a natural environment and perfect growing conditions. Chief Winemaker Guo Wanbai, the student of Guo Qichang (part of the first team of winemakers who succesfully produced red wine in China) ensures quality control and improves the winemaking techniques year after year.

Li’s , 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon

Produced Best Enjoyed

Retail Alcohol

10,000 btls 2016

USD 44 14 %


Li’s Winery


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