Asian Wine Review 2016 | English

Hatten wines (pg. 32)


The Indonesian Economy benefits from a 6% GDP increase every year bolstering an emerging middle class which has the means and the will to buy fine wines. The wine industry has high hopes for Indonesia as it is perceived as one of Asia’s new potential key markets for trade. Bali based producer Hatten Wines planted the first vines in 1994. After years of testing, the tough Alphonse LaVallee grape proved able to survive the tropical conditions and was successfully grown and harvested. Production is still in it’s infancy on a global scale of production, but the seeds of a potential new latitude market are clearly evident.

Alphonse LaVallee Muscat St Vallier, Belgia, Probolinggo Biru

Red White

Key Varietals


As a Muslim country, Indonesia has restrictions and high taxes on both imported and local made alcohol. Even so, alongside national economic growth and the abolishment of a former ban on students’ alcohol consumption in 2005, the number of wine consumers in Indonesia has risen significantly. The starting age of wine consumption is decreasing in college students. It is expected that there would be an increasing trend of winemaking in Indonesia.


Bali Only current wine production region

20% year-to-year increase in consumption

1.13 million Liters produced in 2014

Belgium & Germany Main export destinations

Winemaking is a challenge in itself, even without the additional obstacles that a highly tropical climate such as Bali’s brings to the table. That being said, the resilience and ingenuity of the winemakers here should not be overlooked. By harvesting previously unheard of varietals, and by using techniques such as pergola trellising to adapt to their climate, Indonesian winemakers could be at the forefront of an emerging method in our industry. The success and effective growth of this remains to be seen. For now the emergence of more and more wine bars across Jakarta display a growing demand for consumption in the world’s fifth largest population.


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