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Vincent Desplat Jln. By Pass Prof. IB. Mantra No. 333X, Br. Lodpeken, Ds. Keramas, Blahbatuh – Bali 500,000 Bottles (+62) 361 949 098

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The name ‘Sababay’ originates from the winery’s location along the ‘SABA’bay (Teluk Saba) in Gianyar, Bali. Sababay is recognized as a 100% Indonesian wine in collaboration with the Asteroid R&D Vineyard and local Balinese grape farmers. The integrated farming concept results in a sustainable good harvest that has opened up parts of the world previously thought unsuitable to wine production. Between 2014 & 2015, Sabababay realised a 101% growth in sales.

COMMERCIAL White Velvet, N.V Muscat St Vallier Produced Best Enjoyed

Retail Alcohol

125,000 btls 2016

USD 15 10.5 %

Reserve Red, N.V Alphonse LaVallee

Produced Best Enjoyed

Retail Alcohol

80,000 btls 2016

USD 21 12 %



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