Asian Wine Review 2016 | English

Heritage, 2013 Syrah

Produced Best Enjoyed

Retail Alcohol

8,000 btls

USD 24 13.5 %


BRONZE MEDAL: 88 points

Judges Comments A medium bodied wine with aromas of sawdust, fruit cake and smoked meats. A firm palate that is supported by some grainy tannins and flavours of pepper and cocoa. Varietal, consistent and focused on fresh fruit acidity for structural length.

Granmonte, 2014 Durif

2,000 btls 2016

Produced Best Enjoyed

Retail Alcohol

USD 12 13.5 %

Judges Comments There are not many examples of this grape in New Latitude nations. This effort however strikes a balance between smokey tannins and fruits. Perhaps a trend setter for more attempts with this varietal in the region. BRONZE MEDAL: 85 points

Asoke, 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah

Produced Best Enjoyed

Retail Alcohol

4,000 btls 2016

USD 20 14 %



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