Asian Wine Review 2016 | English


Alphonse LaVallee: (INDONESIA) Alphonse Lavallee (also known as RIbier in Australia) is mostly known as a table grape but has been used in Indonesia as a wine grape for years. With its black-blue berries, this rare varietal is the result of a crossing between Muscat of Hamburg and Kharistvala Kolkhuri, a varietal found in Eastern Europe, mainly in Georgia. The notes are mosty tropical fruits.

Belgia or Muscat St Vallier: (INDONESIA) Belgia, or Muscat St Vallier is a variant of the Muscat of Alexandria. Similarly to Alphonse LaVallee, it is used both as a table grape & a wine grape. The style of wine resulting from this varietal is generally sweet or fortified, and can be of great quality (especially in Languedoc or Spain). However, in Indonesia this strain is used to produce dry wines instead of fortified wines, with fruity notes and a nice acidity.

Cabernet Gernischt: (CHINA) Cabernet Gernischt is probably the most emblematic and successful Asian varietal. This red wine grape is widely grown in China especially in the Ningxia and Shadong provinces. This Carménère clone is generally blended with other Bordeaux varietals like Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc as they are very close in profiles. It produces wines with medium to full body with an additional touch of spiciness.


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