Asian Wine Review 2016 | English

Cardinal: (THAILAND & VIETNAM) Cardinal is known for its big ovoid grapes with a dark crimson color. Like other varietals used in South East Asia, it is a table grape, which was first produced in California in 1939. This cross of Flame Tokay & Ribier makes very sweet and fruity wines and is almost uniquely used in Vietnam and Thailand.

Koshu: (JAPAN) Koshu is probably the prettiest grape varietal known to exist with its beautiful rosé colored grapes. This white varietal has been grown in Japan for more than 1000 years, being its only indigenous varietal. Today, Koshu is cultivated on only 350 hectares most especially in the Yamanashi district. Its thick skin gives Koshu a strong natural acidity with low levels of sugar. This light-bodied wine generally offers citrusy and peachy notes that goes well with it’s heavy minerality. Probolinggo Biru: (INDONESIA) Probolinggo Biru is probably the most obscure varietal found in Asia. As a matter of fact, very little information exists on it’s specificities and its origins. This variant of Muscat de Hamburg has black berries and is used both as a table grape and as a wine grape. The wines produced are often light-bodied with low presence, which is why it is often blended. Another way to use Probolinggo Biru is to make richer wines with overripe grapes.


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