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Table L essons From the What My Patients Have Taught Me A s an experienced chiropractor, there isn’t much I haven’t seen. It isn’t accurate to say that minor slips and falls are no longer exciting, because they can certainly alter the lives of my patients, and I got into this career to help people live full lives. Yet, getting a challenging case or a patient with a unique story reminds me of my passion for chiropractic care. In early September, I had a patient come into the clinic whose story amazed me. This woman is a horse trainer on a farm near South Windsor, and she was struggling to sleep and get through the day without pain. It turns out, she had been kicked in the face by a horse, but she managed to walk away with only a broken nose. The part of this story that amazes me is that she walked away at all. This woman was hurt, but she’s alive after the full force of an animal, whose power is used to describe the strength of vehicles, pelted her in the face. When this patient came to see me, she was suffering from migraines, a loss of energy, and fatigue. I mean, who wouldn’t be after an injury like that? I adjusted and treated her regularly for a few months, and she’ll likely have to come in once or twice per year for a maintenance adjustment. This may seem like a hassle, but it’s a small penance for what the alternative could have been. After some adjustments and with monitoring, she is back to doing what she loves. She gets to work with horses every day, and her energy level and head are back to normal.

sometimes frustrating as we try to build up South Windsor Neck & Back since purchasing it in September of 2017. But all the hours I put into this are for my patients. I can’t wait for you to see what we have in store for 2019, and as I write this, I’m working through the details. As for my patients, this horse-training injury is a reminder of proper care. The patient admitted she needed help for the pain, got adjusted throughout the course of a few months, and she will now continue with maintenance checks to make sure her spine stays aligned. Most patients, unfortunately, think that once they feel better, they can stop treatment. For example, some patients who had spinal surgery think their problems are fixed completely. Yet the best course for a pain-free life is to monitor your back with regular maintenance appointments. If you don’t, you risk causing more severe problems in your spine, muscles, and tendons, which hold your muscles to your spine and bones. Essentially, you’ll slip back into a pattern of pain. Your body has to adapt after an injury, and you need to give it the proper tools to do so. This is why I got into chiropractic care; I knew I could provide care to others to help them after some of the most painful times in their lives. Even if it seems minor on paper, it’s big to my patients — so it’s important to me. –Dr. Chris Colby

This patient’s story and determination remind me why I do what I do in the first place. I want to help people. This past year and a half has been tiring and


“Relief today ... function for life!”


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