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The Happy Tooth Parenting in a Pandemic


Almost every Sunday, my husband and I take our son to LEGOLAND. Jake loves LEGOs, so of course, he loves going to LEGOLAND. This past March, when I told Jake we weren’t going to be able to go to LEGOLAND because it was closed, he didn’t believe me. In fact, I had to drive him out and show him that the park was closed to prove that I wasn’t making things up! As Dr. Justene mentioned last month when she wrote about the car that crashed into our office this past February, we work on these articles far in advance. I’m writing this at the end of March, amazed that a car crashing into our office isn’t the strangest, biggest news of the year! When it comes to the COVID-19 pandemic, things can change very quickly. I don’t know where the world will be when you read this in May, so I’d like to share stories about how my family is coping with the situation right now. My son is just 5 years old. Like a lot of kids his age, Jake really doesn’t understand why he isn’t able to go to school for a while or go play with his friends outside. Meanwhile, like a lot of other parents, my husband and I have quickly had to learn how to be home-school teachers. At the moment, we’re not sure if the school will open at all this year, so we’re working to make sure Jake’s education doesn’t fall behind. One of the biggest challenges in this situation has been explaining what’s going on to my son. Early on, Jake was asking why everything was closed, why we couldn’t go inside to eat at restaurants anymore, and why we couldn’t do our normal routines. I had to explain to him that certain people are sick outside, so we all need to stay home and wash our hands a lot. Our family has been fortunate not to get sick, but I explained to Jake that other people haven’t been as lucky. Eventually, he understood that it’s important for us to stay home to keep ourselves and other people from getting sick. Though he did tell me that he wants everyone to get better soon so he can go out and play with his friends. While we want Jake to understand this situation is serious, we don’t want him to be scared. My husband and I try not to bring our own fears and anxieties home. Even when parents don’t talk about their worries, kids can pick up on that energy. Instead, we focus on the positives. We can’t go out and about right now, but we can still do lots of fun things together as a family. We’ve been playing in the backyard, FaceTiming family members, and playing board

“One of the biggest challenges in this situation has been explaining what’s going on to my son.”

games together. Plus, even though we haven’t been able to go to LEGOLAND, Jake is still able to play with LEGOs. Recently I brought Jake to the office with me and he finished five LEGO sets by himself. These boxes are marked for ages 8 and older, so I was really impressed with how quickly he put them together. Of course, that meant I needed to find more ways to keep him entertained! There’s a quote I saw online that I think a lot of parents can relate to right now: “If the scientists don’t find a cure soon, the moms will find it first!”

I don’t know when someone will find a cure or where things will be by the time you read this. I hope things are approaching normal again. I hope your family is safe and healthy, and I hope to see everyone in person again very soon!

–Dr. Janice Doan

May 2020 Edition

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