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As head of Private Client Tax Group Michael Osherovitz, CPA joins FTI Consulting, Inc.

Welcome to The Professor’s Comedy Corner. This is the first in a series of humorous stories and jokes written by Professor Ron Shaw exclusively for the Mid-Atlantic Real Estate Journal . Here’s our first comedy story. Enjoy. MAREJ introduces The Professor’s Comedy Corner


and estate planning for high- net-worth individuals, family offices, partnerships, trusts and private foundations. “Our Private Client Tax group works closely with high- net-worth individuals and real estate and private equity families that create or inherit substantial wealth and face challenges in managing their impact on current and future generations,” said Ingrid Noone , a senior managing director and co-leader of the real estate solutions practice at FTI Consulting. Osherovitz joins FTI Con- sulting from Oak Hill Advi - sors, LP, where he was Head of Family Office and established and managed the family office for the CEO of a $50 billion- plus fund. Prior to that, he was Greengate LLC, where she ad- vised on complex multi-source financings and performed financial, market, credit and probabilistic analysis, among other duties. “Kristy will strengthen the depth of JLL’s financial ad- visory capabilities in the re- newable and clean energy, infrastructure, advanced fossil and industrial sectors, where she has worked to close multi- billion-dollar projects domesti- cally and internationally,” said managing director Josephine Tucker , Head of Clean En - ergy and Infrastructure Ad - visory, JLL. “We are thrilled to welcome her onto the Clean Energy and Infrastructure Advisory team.” David, who is based in JLL’s Washington, DC office, earned her BA in economics from New York University and her mas- year as the “dust” begins to settle – barring any unforeseen geo-political events and/or a further deepening economic contraction, according to Ura- nowitz. “In a market where pandem- ic-induced supply-chain short- falls and municipality delays have heavily impacted new- construction multifamily de- liveries, value-add reposition- ing product tops the majority of investor lists,” added Joseph

the controller and tax director for Bolt Ventures, a family office, and has held positions that have included a principal at Withum, and a senior man- ager at CohnReznick. Commenting on his appoint- ment, Osherovitz said, “Family- owned entities involved in real estate lend themselves to be- coming multi-generational en- terprises. As a result, they have a unique opportunity to develop and manage their financial wealth with a long-term view. FTI Consulting’s Private Client Tax group is keenly focused on these needs and delivers deep real estate and private equity industry expertise to help cli- ents navigate the evolving tax and personal finance environ - ment, while planning for future generations.” MAREJ ter’s degree in international fi - nance and international energy policy from Johns Hopkins Uni - versity’s School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS). JLL’s Clean Energy and Infrastructure Advisory team works with clients to address aging infrastructure at a piv- otal time when improving infrastructure resiliency is a priority for both private and public sectors. “Kristy has advised on some of the largest and most com- plex project financings, dem - onstrating a knowledge of the challenges lenders and borrowers often face,” said Kevin Wayer , president, Government and Education JLL. “We look forward to her contributions in continuing to make JLL a recognized leader in clean energy and infrastruc- ture advisory.” MAREJ Brecher, executive managing director. “Thanks to Gebroe- Hammer’s decades-long client and investor relationships, and our market specialists’ in-depth knowledge of their respective submarkets, mul- tifamily assets – particularly those in desirable locations with a workforce-housing value-add component – are garnering significant inter- est among local experienced investors.” MAREJ

ASHINGTON, DC — FTI Consulting, Inc. announced the

appointment of Michael Osherovitz, CPA , as a managing director and head of the private cli- ent tax group within the firm’s Real Estate Solutions practice. Osherovitz, who is based in New York, brings an ex- tensive background in tax planning and compliance for family offices. He has played a leadership role in treasury, personal financial statement preparation, charitable giving, liquidity forecasting and trust Michael Osherovitz

A student approached me after class one day and complained that she felt unappreciated and underpaid at work. She said she’s making very little money and can barely support herself. She asked me what I thought she should do to earn more money. I told her, “Why not ask your boss for a raise?”

“What if my boss says no?” she replied. So I said, “Tell your boss that three different companies are after you.” The student says, “What if my boss asks me which ones?” I replied, “Tell your boss it’s the gas, electric and cable companies.” Professor Ron Shaw is a former corporate banker and university professor. He writes and performs comedy at corporate and university events such as conferences and seminars, training sessions, trade shows and industry programs, corporate retreats and outings, sales meetings and team building workshops. You can contact the Professor via email at: rms1023@ aol.com MAREJ

JLL adds David as senior VP to Clean Energy and Infrastructure practice

WASHINGTON, DC — JLL has hired Kristy David as a senior vice president for its Clean Energy and Infra-

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out of operation for an extended period of time? Will the build- ing’s HVAC or electrical system be offline? How will this affect your tenants’ practice and abil- ity to see patients and what alternatives can be offered to maintain operations? Proactive emergency planning and pro- cedures should the unexpected occur in the supply chain aid in securing positive outcomes. Also, having a knowledgeable team of professionals on-site, such as a dedicated building engineer, to offer the technical expertise and familiarity of the specs of a product and how a particular system is installed in the building can provide viable, alternative solutions should a delay in supply chain occur. Navigating supply chain challenges, such as price esca- lations and lengthy lead times, is top of mind for many owners, and managers of healthcare real estate. Through proac- tive emergency and business operational planning, expand- ing your network of trusted local and regional vendors, and investing in a team of knowl- edgeable, highly technical pro- fessionals, you can position your facility and project to suc- cessfully weather unexpected challenges. Stella Stein is Vice Presi- dent at Greystone. MAREJ

structure Ad - visory team. In this capac- ity, she will play a key role in ad- vising public and private clients on achieving their clean

for local manufacturers and dis- tributors, lead times on product and material delivery have widely ranged from six weeks to as much as six months. Should an unexpected delivery delay occur on a project that is underway, it is best to be open and transparent with your ten- ants. By having this conversa- tion upfront and documenting adjusted delivery expectations, potential mis-communication and frustration can be managed and your tenants will appreci- ate this transparency. Additionally, sourcing alter - native solutions when there is a delivery delay can help owners and managers navigate this supply chain challenge. For example, is there a higher rated fire door than the local code requires that has less of a delivery lead time? Or can working on the capital work in a different order than planned assist in meeting your goal? Considering alternate, “out of the box” solutions can help keep your project on schedule. Business Operations Interruption When planning for a reno- vation or capital expenditure project, consider how this en- hancement may affect your facility’s visitors, tenants, and patients. Will the elevator be

Kristy David

energy sustainability goals with an emphasis on solar, wind, EV charging and energy storage. David brings with her a wealth of experience, including more than 15 years in project finance, commercial due dili - gence, and public-private part- nerships. Prior to joining JLL, she was a vice president with under new ownership,” said David Oropeza, executive man- aging director. While the Fed’s historic seven-time interest rate hike in 2022 pushed some deals to the sidelines as investors and borrowers employed a watchful-waiting approach – just as they had at the onset of the pandemic – multifamily will regain traction. A strong finish is expected later in the

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