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ENNSYLVANIA, PA — Gil-Bar Solutions , Pennsylvania's leading Shared culture of expertise drives growth Gil-Bar merges business in Eastern PA with HC Nye P


solutions to clients across the greater Pennsylvania region.” Since its founding in 1986, Gil-Bar has become the leading provider of engineered HVAC solutions in the Northeast. The company offers integrated ser- vices from design consultation through specification, installa- tion, certification, parts, and maintenance. Further, Gil-Bar prides itself on preserving a unique family culture that considers every customer to be part of the family. Gil-Bar delivers on more than 10,000 projects per year, with more than 85 percent of its business coming from repeat clients. The combined firm fields a team of more than 200 degreed sales engineers and leverage long- standing relationships with more than 40 of the world’s fin- est manufacturers, including major filtration, ionization and UV light technologies helping to maintain proper Indoor Air Quality. Gil-Bar remains a leader in applying the latest technology of equipment for the most efficient and sustain- able projects. MAREJ

other regions. This merger will bring added breadth of air movement and specialty HVAC product solutions to the organization and provide clients with an even deeper level of engineering insight paired with extensive local market expertise. The fully integrated service offering and an unmatched commitment to finding the best solutions for the most challenging projects in the state will enable HC Nye to deliver expert HVAC work to a range of buildings looking to upgrade and keep occupants safe and comfortable. “We are excited to combine Nye’s leading product offer- ings and industry expertise with the depth and breadth of Gil-Bar’s manufacturing partnerships and engineer- ing experience,” said Joe Sbarra , president, Gil-Bar. “The partnership of these lead- ing teams will provide even better service to our clients and manufacturers and create new business opportunities. We look forward to deliver- ing quality HVAC engineered

HVAC sales engineering firm and pro- vider of com- plex HVAC solutions, has completed its merger with HC Nye , ex- panding Gil-

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Joe Sbarra

Bar’s footprint in Eastern Pennsylvania. The expansion is the latest in a wider initia- tive to grow Gil-Bar’s geo- graphic presence by partnering with leading HVAC providers in each market. HC Nye and Gil-Bar’s com- bined business in Pennsylva- nia will operate as HC Nye. The Nye family has built the leading business in this mar- ket over the past 45 years and Gil-Bar is excited to continue their legacy and brand name into the future. Currently, HC Nye has of- fices in King of Prussia, PA and Harrisburg, PA, and plans to continue to expand into


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