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Events will provide members and guests the opportunity network with other CRE professionals The Industrial and Office Real Estate Brokers Association announces two upcoming events

T he Industrial and Office Real Estate Brokers Association (IOREBA) announced it will be hosting two upcoming events. On Monday, Feb. 27, 2023 a networking event will be held at TopGolf in Edison, NJ. The event begins with a cocktail hour from 5:00 pm to 6:30pm. The event will provide mem- bers and guests the opportunity to have dinner and network with other commercial real es- tate professionals and hit golf balls at the TopGolf golf bays. Tickets to this event are $150 and space is limited. On Monday, March 27th IOREBA will host its annual Developer’s Night at the the Marriott Glenpointe in Te- aneck, NJ. This is the orga- nizations biggest event of the year which draws hundreds of industry leaders The events begins with a cocktail hour from 5:00 pm to 6:30pm, fol- lowed by a buffet dinner and panel of speakers. With roots dating back to 1927, IOREBA is one of the na- tion’s largest regional commer- cial real estate organizations of its kind with more than 200 members. continued from page 8C Air leakage test results provide energy and cost . . . testing, the team was able to identify sources of air leak- age around doors, at the wall to floor interface, and around through wall penetrations. So, why is this important? These findings indicate air leakage that could result in heat loss or condensation, both of which can damage equip- ment and create expensive energy bills. The building envelope and air tightness are critical components of energy efficiency, and the quality of air barrier installation is nec- essary to support successful function of your facility. While the requirement for this testing will likely increase as society moves towards a greener, more energy efficient life, engaging a building envelope consultant early in the design process can protect you from costly perfor- mance issues today. Steve Creato is project manager, facilities and An- drew Fix is a senior project manager, facilities at ECS Corporate Services. MAREJ

Shown from left: Perry Cirigliano, Thomas Haggerty, Cammy Hardisan & Ryan Tiger.

IOREBA Executive Committee Members

Benefits of being a mem- ber include the opportunity to attend informational and networking events throughout

the year. Members are offered reduced rates to attend events and re- ceive a profile which includes a

bio and headshot that is posted to IOREBA’s website profes- sional directory. For more information and to

register for these events please visit www.ioreba.com. MAREJ

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