Airways Annual Report 2019


We are committed to making a positive contribution to the world we live in – achieving Airways’ strategic goals in a socially and environmentally sustainable way that works for our business, our people, and for all of New Zealand.

During the year we developed our first sustainability framework, to be fully integrated into Airways’ strategy and business plans. The framework brings together the sustainability initiatives already underway or completed at Airways and sets a direction for our future progress. It focuses on four pillars of commitment: our contribution, our team, our communities and our footprint. To ensure a firm foundation for our sustainability journey we interviewed our people, customers, and Government stakeholders to understand what they cared about and the opportunities they see for Airways to lead in achieving footprint reductions in the aviation industry. Workshops were held to review these insights against Airways’ vision and purpose and the Government’s Living Standards Framework. The sustainability framework was developed as an outcome of this work and finalised in September 2018.


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