ESA Sustainability Report

Cutting green-house gas emissions

uses 100% renewable energy. The factory’s unavoidable GHG emissions are compensated through forestation and forest conservation projects. The company continues to invest in innovative technologies to further reduce its carbon emissions across all its operations, including logistics. In December 2021, Liven launched in the province of Barcelona its “Duo Truck” which is one of the longest and most efficient trucks currently circulating on European roads. It is a 32-metre trailer made up of a tractor and two semi-trailers, with a load capacity of up to 44 tons, hence reducing the road transport of Liven’s deliveries by 50% and GHG emissions by 30%. It helps reduce the number of trucks on roads and the semi-trailers are designed to be directly placed on trains for rail transport.



Our member Liven is based in Spain and is now part of Paulig Group. Liven is a pioneer in the area of energy transition and has a strong commitment to green energy. Since 2015, and based on latest data available (2021), the company has increased its use of green energy in the production processes by 59%. It has reduced emissions of GHG for every tonne of manufactured product by 58% and is already only using electricity from renewable sources at all the company sites. From May 2022 Liven's Popcorn factory based in Puig - Reig (Barcelona) has reached carbon neutrality and achieved the CarbonNeutral® building certification. The factory produces microwave popcorn and popcorn packaging for customer brands and

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