ESA Sustainability Report

PepsiCo’s technical team has developed the Splash Cone innovative technology to save water on potato crisp manufacturing lines. Water is used to wash the potatoes and to slice them so that they don’t stick together. Splash Cone works like a water sprinkler and distributes water around the potato slicers more efficiently, making each drop go further. The technology has been so effective, that it has been rolled out at each of PepsiCo’s Europe crisp manufacturing locations and will be implemented in every PepsiCo factory across the globe. It is estimated that Splash Cone will help the company save up to 200 million litres of water annually in Europe.



As a convenience foods and beverages company, PepsiCo is acutely aware of the critical role water plays in the food system. To achieve its ambition of becoming net water positive, PepsiCo has adopted an approach to watershed management that includes improving water-use efficiency across its value chain, notably on farms and in manufacturing facilities. To this end, the group announced its ambition to becoming net water positive in its operations, enhancing watershed management in the agricultural supply chain and contributing to community water health. PepsiCo supports the principles of circular water within the company-owned manufacturing operations and across third-party sites. This means the company looks to reduce its freshwater footprint and identify reuse opportunities for treating process water within its own operations and those of its third-party manufacturers, through operational water efficiency programmes, behavioural changes, innovation in manufacturing and capital technology investments.

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