ESA Sustainability Report

responsible advertising practices, especially towards children. ESA is the only European trade association that has endorsed the EU Pledge commitments on food and beverage advertising to children in the EU. By adhering to the commitments enshrined in the EU Pledge, we aim to support parental efforts to promote healthier snacking choices and balanced lifestyles among children.

ESA members support the accurate labelling of all foods to help consumers make informed choices by providing them with information on a wide variety of issues including ingredient composition, nutritional value, portion sizes and storage conditions. ESA recommends the use of a portion rationale of 30g for savoury snacks and snack nuts, reflecting consumers’ eating habits whilst being compatible with dietary recommendations.

Innovation for healthier snacking



Kellogg-owned Pringles have undergone several reformulation steps over the past decades. The latest in 2020 when salt and saturated fat have been further reduced by respectively 10% and 12% in the six top flavours (Original, Sour Cream & Onion, Sweet Paprika, Hot Paprika, Hot & Spicy and Texas BBQ), which make up around 65% of the Pringles sold in Europe. Pringles has recently created a new multigrain range made with fibre and grains such as wheat and barley, containing less salt. Sensory experts used more herbs and spices and natural flavours to replace some of the salt while keeping the same taste and iconic saddle shape of Pringles. The move is part of Kellogg’s decade-long Wellbeing Plan, announced in 2021, that pledged to improve its foods and packaging so that they are better for people, the community and the planet.

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