Chalkboard Pumpkin

In the past few years’ people all over the country have found new, inventive uses for chalkboard paint. If you have a small child that is not ready to carve pumpkins with sharp knives and saws, covering a pumpkin with chalkboard paint is a great alternative that gives kids all the creative control. Creating a chalkboard pumpkin is relatively quick and easy. Once the paint is applied you can safely turn the decorating over to the kids. The only limiting factor in decorating these pumpkins is your imagination. Materials

•1 - Pumpkin •1 - Small Can of Chalkboard Paint ($10-12 at hardware store) •1 - Small, inexpensive roller and tray kit ($2 at hardware store) •Colored Chalk •Instructions on painting a pumpkin with chalkboard paint. Step-by-Step Instructions

There are two keys to painting a pumpkin with chalkboard paint. First you want to make sure your pumpkin is clean, wash it off first and let it dry thoroughly. Second, the pumpkin must be room temperature; condensation underneath the paint will cause the paint to slough off.

1. Keep the pumpkin inside for 24 hours before painting 2. Apply a chalkboard paint to the pumpkin using a small roller 3. We used a small paint brush to get the last hard to reach spots around the top of the stem. 4. Wait 24 hours for the paint to dry before putting chalk on the pumpkin.

When you carve a pumpkin it is pretty difficult to undo a mistake, luckily when drawing on a pumpkin covered in chalkboard paint, you only need a chalkboard eraser to make things better.


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