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When my family emigrated to the United States from China, my father went from being a successful businessperson to starting over completely. He learned the language, started busing tables at a local restaurant, and eventually purchased a chicken shop in Pomona, California. No matter what life threw at him, he maintained his entrepreneurial spirit. My dad also had an incredible ability to look ahead and problem- solve. The chicken shop that he bought when I was in elementary school was in a notoriously bad neighborhood where thieves were rampant. My dad’s solution to this problem was genius: He offered free drinks to police officers, firefighters, and the hospital workers a few blocks away. Pretty soon, our shop became a hangout for city officials, which made it safe. Because of my dad’s simple solution, the neighborhood went from crime-ridden to safe, so much so that kids would come in after school to play arcade games there. Once I went to college, my dad moved to Marshall Island, halfway between Hawaii and Guam, to start a Costco-type business selling everything from toilet paper to rotisserie chicken. That’s where he became extremely successful. But in the pursuit of success, he always maintained his values and had a great impact on the community there. Once my parents got to Marshall Island, they noticed that the whole town was getting sick from chicken, so my mom taught people how to cook the meat properly. They also bought computers for the local schools. Furthermore, they didn’t sell alcohol because they didn’t want to contribute to the alcoholism problem on the island. My dad has always been generous and has never been afraid to give back. My dad has definitely had an influence on me as a physical therapist and entrepreneur at G3 Physical Therapy. Much of our practice emulates the philosophies my dad implemented in his businesses. Just as my dad cultivated a safe environment for his chicken shop to be successful, my husband Mike has created a safe and healing environment for our patients to succeed at G3. My dad’s compassion and generosity inspired me to become a

physical therapist so I could help people, and his success as an entrepreneur during my childhood gave me the confidence to become an entrepreneur myself. To this day, my dad is one of my best mentors. He lives in Shanghai now, but we talk on the phone frequently. During these calls, I still run business ideas by my dad and problem-solve with him, because I trust him to give me good advice. And in the few times where I’ve fallen flat on my face, my dad has been nothing but generous with his support. Over the years, my dad has taught me countless life lessons: to bravely try new things; to be generous with my time, money, and self; to be honest; and above all, to never give up. These traits come easy to me now, because I saw my dad live them every single day. Now, I aspire to pass on my dad’s value to my own kids, too.

– Sa ndra Va ngilder


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