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ot many young high schoolers know what they want to do with

not a property, but a car stereo. “I was a teenager after all!” he said. The second thing he ever bought was a real estate seminar — the Rob- ert Allen Nothing Down Conference. “I was about 19. It was a lot of money for me then. Nothing down was new back then. I left thinking I would purchase a house with nothing down. But during my first attempt to do so, I was laughed out of the bank!”

Do's and Don'ts

their life after graduation. But Think Realty Presidents’ Circle member Greg Slaughter did. He knew he would have a career in real estate. What he didn’t know is how long he’d have to wait to make it happen. “My junior high school debate team got second in State, and I made it a personal goal to win se- nior year. I asked my parents

DON'T quit your job too soon.

DO know your WHY.

DON'T chase shiny objects and flip strategies too quickly .

to send me to a debate workshop to get a head

Slaughter searched FSBO’s and called on duplexes. “I negotiated a

start on next year’s topic, but they said ‘no’ due to afford- ability. We were

DO write down your vision and focus on what you want, not where you are.

deal over the phone, but it wasn’t a

not poor, but they wouldn’t pay for it. I remember it like it was yesterday, when they told me I couldn’t go, I got so upset and frustrated. I made the deci- sion right then that I’d never have to worry about money again.” That was 1983. Slaughter learned that 92 percent of all millionaires earned their wealth through real estate. “I just knew it was for me,” he said. He immediately got to work. But not in real estate. Not yet. “I put in my one and only applica- tion I’ve ever completed in my life. It was for McDonald’s. I got hired and started saving money.” The first thing he ever bought was

zero-down deal. I needed a small

down payment but had spent all I had at the conference. My friends were broke. My parents wouldn’t lend me

McDonald’s as a training consultant and began doing real estate full time. Slaughter

money. It was a fantastic deal, but I couldn’t get money. So, I dedicated everything to McDonald’s and even- tually ran my own restaurant.” It was 1986. He lived in Tucson hadn’t bought a real estate invest- ment property, but he did get his first rental. He converted his Las Vegas home into a rental when he moved to Phoenix and was finally in the real estate business. Three years later, Slaughter retired from and relocated to Las Vegas. It was 1999. Slaughter still

put off his dream for more than a decade, but he finally got started. Patience and perseverance paid off, and now Slaughter enjoys helping others who are finding their way in real estate. “There’s nothing greater than cre- ating moments and helping others find financial freedom,” he said. •

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