LUCAS HALDEMAN started his career as a software developer at one of the first companies to put a database of apartments online. Today, he leads a cutting-edge PropTech firm, SmartRent, based in Scottsdale, Ariz. SmartRent is an enterprise home-automation company devel-

oping software and hardware that helps owners, property managers, and renters in multifamily commu- nities to better monitor and protect their assets, as well as create operational efficiencies. “It’s kind of funny when you wake up one day and think, my gosh, my whole life has been leading up to

this point,” he said. “I have spent my entire career embracing tech- nology but also in real estate, and it’s sort of a weird combination.” As a young web developer, Lucas Haldeman began his career at, one of the first companies to put a database of apartment listings online. Listing

Top: SmartRent Resident Pre-Install meeting Bottom: SmartRent team members.

14 | think realty magazine :: february 2020

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