Technology and the Modern Investor

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E very day, mobile technology becomes more ingrained in the real estate space. Consumers and industry professionals alike benefit from the tech tools that are rapidly changing the way property owners buy, sell and invest at auction. In 2019, smartphone usage increased, with 90% of smartphone time being on mobile apps. As more people shop and conduct business online via mobile devices, the real estate industry is keen on developing technology that caters to the mod- ern investor. To stay ahead of the curve, it’s vital to know what mobile tech resources are out there and which tools can help you find and secure the right investment opportunities. browse new properties and par- ticipate in home auctions from a mobile device is priceless in the fast-moving real estate space. Many of the leading home auction marketing platforms are imple- menting mobile-first strategies, where useful features are specif- ically designed to meet investors wherever they are. By using the various mobile applications that tailor the online marketplace to on- the-go investors, you can bid at any time, from any place. With the increasing implementa- tion of mobile home auction apps, MOBILE APPS As an investor, the ability to

investors can experience an end-to- end auction process that isn’t tied to their desktop. Mobile apps offer a uniquely integrated user experience with more options to browse prop- erty inventory and bid directly from a mobile device. SMS Other than face-to-face inter- action, no other mode of commu- nication seems as simple or as lightning fast as texting. Fortunate- ly, investors can take advantage

ing tabs on active and upcoming auctions, users can also use this SMS feature to bid via text message.

ACCESSIBLE RESOURCES Easier access to resources has been one of the biggest advan- tages of the real estate industry’s embrace of a mobile-first approach to technology. At the tip of your fingers, you can access a host of helpful tools and tips as you pur- sue new investment opportunities. Blogs are one of the most popu- lar ways to disseminate infor- mation. As an investor, blogs can provide an abundance of infor- mation from subject matter experts.

of bid-by-text, a brand-new feature recently launched by Hubzu™, one of the

largest online home auction marketing platforms. Their new SMS

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feature sends real-time noti- fications to your

potential to help you stay ahead of emerging trends, avoid common pitfalls and help you build upon your current knowledge and experience.

phone with updates on information like auction outbids and end times, foreclosure auction alerts, bid prices and

In this bustling digital age, savvy investors have plenty of opportu- nities to use technology to their advantage. With the help of mobile apps, SMS features, and access to resources on the go, your next auction can be more flexible, con- venient and engaging. Learn more about Hubzu at •

new properties. Over 50 percent of Hubzu’s users are accessing the site via a mobile device and according to Patrick G. McClain, Senior Vice President, Marketplace Product for Altisource™, “Hubzu is dedicated to investing in the right technology to help bring bidders and sellers together in real time.” Along with browsing new properties and keep-

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