EDUCATION IS EVERYTHING You can see that even though a lot of the negativity around tax lien and tax deed investing is misplaced, it is definitely true that you need to be aware of the po- tential pitfalls and problems you can encounter. If you do not, you could lose a great deal of money on your deal — far more than the “pennies on the dollar” you bought the property for in the first place. • Charles Sells began his career investing in tax liens at the age of 23. Like many of us, he was enticed by the simplicity and profitability often conveyed in popular coaching programs and weekend work- shops. However, experience taught him that success required more than a simple snap of the fingers. So, at 26, Charles kicked the pitchmen to the curb and started his own business, helping investors discover realistic profits investing in distressed real estate. The model was simple: use his growing knowledge, integrity and tenacity to help others grow alongside him, in experience and in profits. One investor at a time, Charles has built a reputable business helping individuals invest passive- ly in everything from tax liens to the ever-so-popular fix-and-flip. Fast-forward 20 years and The PIP Group has transacted hundreds of millions of dollars in distressed real estate investments on behalf of nearly 1,000 inves- tors worldwide. Charles and his team at The PIP Group have taken the stress out of investing in distressed real estate, by enabling investors to have their individual investments remain in their name and their control, retaining 100% ownership, with Charles and The PIP Group team at the helm to make certain those investments remain profitable.

to stay in the property long enough that now you have to go through a formal process. That is pretty difficult since she is, as the neighbors said, “nearly invisible.” You end up having to add almost eight months to your timeline for the deal because you just can’t get your invisible tenant to leave. A lot of the profit you expected to make on the house has gone to maintenance costs, and once you finally get inside you discover she also set a fire in the bathtub. You finally have your cash-flowing rental property, but it was anything but easy to finally get a paying tenant on the lease. Lesson Learned: It can be hard to identify invisible tenants like “Candy” because they are usually well aware that their invisibility is what protects them and makes it possible for them to stay in your property. Expert Advice: The PIP Group investigates everything about a property before the purchase, but then also regularly visits properties during the redemption period to make sure that no one has moved into the house after the tax sale. You should also only buy in states with investor-friendly policies on the books when it comes to protecting your interests against squatters! After all, an ounce of prevention is easily worth pounds of the cure.

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