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Updates from around the industry.

10  Think Realty Supplier: Sherwin-Williams Paint The 2020 Colormix Forecast, Continued. by Sue Wadden

INVESTOR STORIES 11  Presidents' Circle Featured Member: Greg Slaughter

12  A Different Path to Success

When you want different results, first change your behavior. by Tammy Phelps

ENGAGEMENT 21  Realty Matters: Technology Has the topic of technology disrupted real estate? by Brian Wojcik

BUSINESS FUNDAMENTALS 33 Sponsored Content: Investor Review 56  The Morals of Ancillary Fees

Quality service and products often require higher revenue. by Todd Ortscheid

68  Notes, Then and Now

How the technology age has impacted real estate note investing. by W.J. Mencarow

MARKETS & TRENDS 74 Chicago: The Rise of Silicon Prairie

A thriving market with room to grow. by Yardi Matrix

COVER FEATURE GET SMART LUCAS HALDEMAN and SmartRent address pain points in the rental industry. by Katie Bean :: photos by SmartRent

MINDSET 80  Just Say No!

Why declining is such an important skill. by Abhi Golhar

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