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by Jake Wernick, Fund That Flip

W ith over 2.5 billion people on social media, po- tential customers are more accessible now than ever. Social media allows business owners to reach and target desired audiences, regardless of physical location, at little cost. A real estate investing company’s goal with social media should be two-fold: increase its following and nurture its network. Achieving these goals will result in higher lead generation and an increased brand loyalty. Here are a few tips to help you in working towards achieving these goals in 2020: ENGAGE Followers want to feel noticed and valued on social media. There are four easy ways to engage on social media: follows, likes, comments, and mentions. Don’t only follow accounts of those whose content is rele- vant to your business, such as “Real Estate Investing News,” but also accounts you think could be potential clients or partners. Look for keywords in bios like “real estate investor” or “house flipper.” While it is not necessary to follow everyone who follows you, offering a follow shows the account that you are interested in them and increases the likelihood that they will follow and engage with you. Next, liking or commenting on posts can build relationships and make these accounts inclined to return the favor. Lastly, mentions are a great tool to spotlight an interaction with a client or partner. Not only does this make them feel valued by appearing on your account, but it also increases the chance for them to share it with their followers, which may generate new followers for you.

AUTOMATE Scheduling posts using a tool such as Hootsuite or HubSpot will be helpful in gaining more engaging followers. Generally, companies should aim to post at least once per day across platforms, five days per week. Scheduling posts will allow you to stay on top of the frequency at which you are posting. It will also enable you to keep a consistent brand voice if multiple people or partners work on your social media. Have one central person review and publish the final posts to ensure you’re communicating with a uniform brand voice. HASHTAGS Using hashtags is the easiest way to acquire new fol- lowers. Hashtags allow you to utilize keywords to make posts visible to larger audiences. Accounts search for and follow hashtags related to their business and/or interests and this is a great way to earn engagement and follow- ers. Hashtags are beneficial both when you use them and when others do. By searching for and following hashtags like #realestate, #realestateinvesting, and #houseflip- ping, you can discover new accounts to interact with. Con- sistently offering a follow, like/favorite, and/or comment to an account that doesn’t already follow you is a great way to encourage the account to follow you. These are just three quick tips that will help you to improve your real estate investing company’s social media strategy. By following these tips, you can further grow and nurture your network, ultimately leading to increased business for your company. •

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