"Disruptive" Tech


by Tom Olson

ou may have heard the saying, “Sit with winners. The conversation is different.” It basically means that the company you keep defines the type of conver- sations you have, and the results of those conversa- tions can determine whether you “win” or “lose” in your personal or professional life. Being part of the right conversation increases your odds of asking the “right questions” about your business and getting more effective and valuable answers. Today, tech- nology is disrupting that process, and savvy real estate investors will leverage that disruption to their advantage. Y

when it comes to finding deals, negotiating terms, and financing their transactions, they do not always em- brace technological change rapidly. This works to the advantage of an investor willing to do a little research and adapt – or adopt – early. Here are three ways to incorporate disruptive tech- nology in real estate to get ahead of the curve: NO. 1 Accept new technology even if you do not embrace it. Recently, “iBuyers” have dominated headlines in the turnkey and flipping sectors of the industry. There are so many conspiracy theories about why Zillow, Open- Door, and others might be willing to pay retail prices to acquire properties from homeowners willing to sacrifice a small amount of equity in exchange for the certainty of a sale.

3WAYS TO USE DISRUPTIVE TECH TO YOUR ADVANTAGE Although real estate investors are extremely creative

72 | think realty magazine :: february 2020

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