difficult to put this concept into practice? Because you don’t want to disappoint yourself or others. If you’re like me, you still dream from time to time about how amazing the holidays were and of course, whether or not you’re being consistent with the 15 or so resolutions you made earlier this year. Here’s a struggle I had for a long time when I was building my business: if I said “yes” to every opportunity, I would avoid saying “no” to myself, the fear of missing out, frustrating my business partners, and being my biggest critic. Over time, I understood that I could have five resolutions that are the most meaningful and impactful in my life instead of 15-20 that were near impossible tasks. Have you found yourself in the same boat? Last year, I found myself hosting two daily, one-hour nationally syndicated radio shows at the same time . Am I crazy or what? I did this because my mindset was to continue to achieve amazing things, hold high expecta- tions for myself, and grow personally every year. But I quickly realized I don’t need 15 yearly resolutions and

two daily radio shows to accomplish this. What I need- ed was to accept that saying “no” didn’t mean others would be frustrated with me or I’d be embarrassed or feel guilty about not growing as much as I want. Saying “no” would help me focus on opportunities I really wanted to engage in and ideas that have real value for me, which ultimately would reduce my overall stress level and increase my overall happiness in life. Remember, a highly underrated skill is the abil- ity to say “no.” It is important not to get ahead of yourself and take on too many opportunities and responsibilities at once before you’re truly ready. Take time to put together all of the pieces of the first puzzle before moving on to the next one. •

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