WHY is it beneficial for any real estate investor to attend the Think Realty Baltimore event?

For a number of reasons! First, it's a great place to meet and connect with like-minded people. Real estate is all about contacts and networking and a great way to expand your network outside of your local market. Second, you never know who you will meet and have an opportunity to joint venture on a potential deal that you may not otherwise have been able to do. Third, the main speakers are fantastic and give you a broad stroke on what is happening in the real estate industry as a whole and not just what's hap- pening in your market. Real estate trends on a national level always trickle down at some point to local markets. Fourth, it's a great place to meet vendors who specialize in the real estate investment space that could help you in your business. LORRAINE BEATO Atlanta's Residences - PalmerHouse Properties

You’ll learn the answer to a rental housing provider’s most important question: Have I followed all of my local laws and are necessary safeguards in place to mit- igate risk when something eventually goes wrong? You’ll learn how to be your own advocate to maximize profit and proactively pre- vent financial losses. You’ll learn how to source author- itative compliance informa- tion, how to avoid the known landmines and pitfalls of the industry, and how to incorporate industry trends in your business. You’ll gain access to wisdom through a community of local expe- rienced experts, and you’ll learn how properly applied technology innovations can be a preemptive monitor, which provides peace of mind so you can rest as- sured the required standard of care is met. BRIANWOJCIK diyRealty

The Think Realty events are the premier real estate events of the year. You will find yourself motivated to change your life and live your dreams through real estate investing. The speak- ers, coaches, panels, and sessions are designed to help you be successful and expand your knowledge in the real estate field as well as help you succeed in your business. I never miss the Think Realty events be- cause I always leave reju- venated and ready to reach new heights! JASON ENGELMAN Freaky Fast Homebuyers

With the lineup of industry experts slated to speak at the Think Realty event in Baltimore, this is the perfect opportunity for both first-time and seasoned investors to gain a wealth of knowledge on how they can expand their businesses in 2020.

To learn more about upcoming Think Realty events and to buy tickets, visit TR-Events.


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