2022 Research Yield Book

Soybean Foliar Trial Foliar treatments have been proven to protect yield in soybeans throughout the years. There are many types of foliar treatments ranging from nutritional to hormone to seaweed extract and all do different things in the plant to protect yield. Some products feed the plant, while others enhance photosynthesis, and some trigger growth or stress responders. Do these products really do anything or are they modern day snake oils? The reason that we ask this is that generally these products are added as tank mix partners to insecticides or fungicides and are applied to the entire field therefore the grower does not know if they have done anything or not. The purpose of this trial was to help the grower understand what these products do to improve soybean yields and evaluate each products ROI. For this trial we tested 7 products in 8 row trials applied with a Rantizo drone with 20 foot booms on August 1, 2022. All products were mixed with the fungicide for application. Figure 10 describes each product used for the soybean foliar trials in 2022. The products that we tested in 2022 covered a wide range of products and gave us the opportunity to evaluate some products with different active ingredients. Many of the products promote stress mitigation and improved plant health. Product Rate How the product works


6 oz./ac

Soluble Potash, limits ethylene gas production.

Enhance water, nutrient, and carbohydrate movement throughout the plant.

Promote ATP production for photosynthesis regulation.

Radiate + NutrriSync Complete 3D

2 oz./ Ac Radiate 1 qt/ac Nutrisync Complete 3D

Radiate Promotes root and shoot growth.

Improves vigor

Reduces Stress

Nutrisync Complete 3D Promotes healthier plants.

Greater nutrient utilization.

More consistent quality and higher yield potential.


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