2022 Research Yield Book

Radiate + Terramar

2 oz./ Ac Radiate 1 qt/ac Terramar

Radiate Promotes root and shoot growth.

Improves vigor

Reduces Stress

Terramar Enhances nutrient uptake and provides a carbon source to optimize plant performance. Improves crop tolerance to abiotic stress such as heat, drought, and salt.

BW-Sea Amino 1 qt/ac

Allows the plant to process amino acids more efficiently.

Improved plant health, vigor, and yield potential.

Stress Mitigation late in the season.

Loaded with natural plant enhancing substances. Increases photosynthesis and carbohydrate production.

QLF Kelpak


Increase fruit set and fruit retention.

Increase fruit number, size, color and sugar content.


1 qt/ac

Soluble potash.

Reduce plant stress.

Reduce potassium deficiencies.


1 qt/ac

Enhance soil microbial communities for optimal rhizome stimulation

Invigorate plant hormone and energy production.

Build a robust resistance to pests, disease, and harsh environmental conditions.

Figure 10. Product descriptions for products utilized in the soybean foliar trial in 2022.


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