2022 Research Yield Book

Corn Foliar Results and Discussion Although the corn foliar trials did not have as dramatic responses as the soybean foliar trials, there were still visual differences. The most notable visual difference was between the check and the three treatments that contained a seaweed extract (Terramar, SeaAmino, and Kelpak) all three treatment had larger leaves than the check. The leaves of these treatments were longer and wider than the same leaves on the check creating more surface area for sun absorption therefore we assume resulting in more efficient photosynthesis. When walking in these treatments you could see less sun penetrated the canopy because of the larger leaves. Next, we wonder if there is any correlation between larger leaves and yield since you could see the visual differences walking through the treatments. Figures 18 A and B show the yields and ROI for each of the treatments tested in 2022. The reason for two different tables is the K-Star treatment was applied in a different hybrid than the rest of the trials. Interestingly enough the products that contained seaweed extracts were the highest yielding as indicated by the increased surface area of the leaves. These three treatments had similar yields and ROIs. We were not surprised that the seaweed extracts did well because they help turn on the plants stress responders prior to stresses occurring and 2022 was loaded with stresses. When a lot of the seaweed extracts were introduced they were touted as a product to assist with drought conditions. Further research has demonstrated that these products are assisting the plant with many different kinds of stress. The highest ROI product that we tested was the K-Star product, this is not necessarily the most increase in yield but is high return due to low cost.


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