2022 Research Yield Book

Corn Nitrogen Efficiency Product Results and Discussion We observed throughout the season that the check for this trial looked very good. When we harvested the trial the check was the highest yielding pass of the entire plot. All three products that we tested had lower yields than the check. The Pivot Bio proveN40 had a yield of 282.7 bpa while the Utrisha had a yield of 280.3 bpa and the Envita had a yield of 279.2 bpa. For this trial the check had a yield of 284.9 bpa therefore we feel that none of these products added any yield to the system. Even if yields are the same as the check is it worth it to add another $14-$21/ac expense on your farm. We feel that more diversified microbial populations and even more regionalized products could provide a better solution as we learn more in the world of soil microbiology. We would really like to improve nitrogen use efficiency at the Orthman research farm but the three products that we tested in 2022 did not help us achieve this goal. If we continue to work with these products we will cut N rates in those trials.

Corn Nitrogen Efficiency Product Trials

Pivot Bio ProveN40





14.3 58.2

14.1 57.9

15.7 55.5

14.7 57.7

Test Weight Yield 15.0 Grain Price

284.9 $7.02

282.7 $7.02

280.3 $7.02

279.2 $7.02

Product Cost $/ac Difference from Check







Revenue Change




Net Revenue








Figure 20 Corn Nitrogen Efficiency product


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