2022 Research Yield Book

Corn Nitrogen Placement Results and Discussion One observation made early on is that the higher pre plant N rates demonstrated early growth and were a leaf stage ahead of the 33% pre plant treatment at the V3 to V4 growth stage. When we harvested the trials the net revenue per acre decreased by $35.22 to $56.49 per acre when comparing strip-till to surface application. The surface application of 33% was 5.0 bpa behind the strip-till we attribute that to 5 inches of rainfall in the first week after planting causing a large N loss and led to leaf firing prior to the first side-dress application of N. No matter the timing the method of 33% pre in the strip-till application was the highest Net Revenue per acre as shown in Figure 21. Another way to look at this data would be to compare net revenue of the 3 different timings of 33%, 66% or 100% pre N. When we compare the data by rate applied pre the more applied to the surface pre the lower the yield. The yield reduction is more than likely due to N loss from the surface application. Is convenience of single application worth giving up an additional $14.16 per acre on your operation? This number comes from subtracting the average net revenue of the 2 100% pre applications from the 33% pre surface applied treatment.


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