2022 Research Yield Book

Brockevelt Starter Y Drop Trial Applied 6-30-22


Starter Y-drop

Moisture Yield 13.0

13.2 71.2

13.0 72.9

Difference from check


Product Cost Grain Price

$23.00 $14.48 $24.62

Revenue Change

Net Revenue




Figure 29. Data from the Brockevelt Y drop starter trial.

For the starter Y drop trial 5 gallon of a 9-18-3 starter and 20 gallon of water where applied per acre on June 30, 2022. The product was applied to approximately 7 acres and yield was compared to 12 acres next to the treated area. Minimal yield increase was seen in this trial however, there was still a positive ROI. There was a slight yield advantage of 1.7 bpa when the starter blend was applied. This helped confirm the thoughts that the immobility of phosphorus would make Y drop P application less successful than when applied under the soil surface. The P that was water soluble helped increase yield but not to the extent that was observed at the Orthman research farm.


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