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“ God has done ‘immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine,’ and you have been a huge part of this miracle. Words cannot begin to describe my gratitude! ” Dear Friend, While 2020 has had no shortage of challenges — especially for families facing homelessness — I am simply awestruck by what we’ve accomplished together: opening a new transitional shelter, tripling the number of families served through our homelessness prevention program, starting an Endowment Fund for sustainable growth, and serving 227 families — more families than any time in Door of Hope’s history! God has done “immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine,” and you have been a huge part of this miracle. Words cannot begin to describe my gratitude! I am excited to share this annual report with you.​ Enclosed you’ll find impact statistics and life-changing stories that you have made possible. From our four transitional shelters (including our brand new shelter!), to our homelessness prevention program for families at risk of homelessness, to our alumni support program for formerly-homeless families, you have brought housing, healing and hope to 227 families in 2020. Thank you! Before you f lip this open to read, I wanted to share my personal highlight of 2020 with you — our first (and hopefully last!) Drive-Through Christmas Give-Away. A major pivot from our annual December Christmas Dinner & Toy Store, it was a great example of the many ways you’ve helped us f lip this Covid-19 crisis into an opportunity to do ​more​. 101 families were part of the festivities last year (including 225 kids!). I loved seeing the smiles on parents’ faces and hearing the kids squeal from the backseat of the cars as they drove through. Some parents actually gasped when they received their gifts — a $200 grocery assistance card for each family, along with toys and a $50 Target gift card for each child. To struggling parents yearning to make their kids’ Christmas extra special, your incredible support made all the difference! While we hope to return to our regular in-person celebration next year, we are inspired to make 2020’s incredibly generous gift card give-aways an annual tradition. Thank you for helping us ramp up to meet the increased needs of families in our community. We couldn’t do it without you! Blessings, Rev. Megan Katerjian, Executive Director



families served in 2020 – A 61% increase from 2019! more families than ever before! 61 families sheltered 22 families moved into their own home 69 alumni families received support 132 families served through Homelessness Prevention Program

Your support fueled life-changing services…

1,968 Case Management Sessions

112 Child/Teen Mentoring Sessions

449 Life Skills Sessions

364 Spiritual Care Hours

1,390 Adult Therapy Sessions

513 Child Therapy Sessions

94% of families still housed at 1 year!

TRANSITIONAL HOUSING PROGRAM You sheltered families at our 3 (soon to be 4) Transitional Shelters

SARA’S SUCCESS IS YOUR SUCCESS! What an incredible journey home it’s been for Sara and her four kids over the past 18 months — a journey that you have made possible! Sara arrived with nowhere to go and four boys who had to overcome the effects of major trauma. It was not an easy road. But Sara’s hard work, resilience and persistence is undeniable. She never gave up on life… or her dream of having their own home. Today, Sara is a strong young mom, a new hire with a great job, a woman in recovery and growing in her faith, and a student working on attaining her GED! Just weeks ago, Sara

families sheltered in 2020 61 66 parents 128 children

and her family moved into their new home! Sara recalls the squeals of joy as her four kids ran round and round their new home: “They just can’t believe the space they have. It’s the first time they’ve ever had two bedrooms to run through! I remember when I came into the program and now I have graduated! You gave me a support system, a family, and my home. It is going to be a mission but at the end of the day, God is always with me wherever I go. I will overcome and I know I will be fine. I love all of you guys, you are my family.”


64% increased income 86% increased savings 92% improved mental health 71% children improved social outcomes

22 families moved into their own home 47% increase from 2019

Sara and her family moved into their new home with the help of the Scheidler family (aka our angel- donors!) who rented a moving truck and drove all the way from San Diego to deliver beds, mattresses, pillows and bedding to Sara and her kids to make sure they had beds to sleep in the first night in their own home!

ALUMNI SUPPORT SERVICES You supported Program Graduates now living in their own homes

YOU MAKE BRIGHT FUTURES POSSIBLE! It was about this time one year ago that me, Patrick, Sean, and Adam pulled out of the back gate of the Los Robles shelter for the last time. We wiped away tears as we watched the security gate close. They were tears of both joy, and sadness. We were leaving our security, stability, and more important our new family in exchange for a new adventure. It would be an adventure we would not have been able to take without you. In the weeks leading up to our departure Sister Wendi prayed in agreement with us that God would usher us into the new home that He had for us, and He did just that! Due to the skills and knowledge we acquired during our time at Door of Hope we will be in our home a year next month, without a single late or missed rent payment. We literally use EVERYTHING we learned there; we budget, we practice healthy conflict resolution and communication skills (we even have a chore list that we have Sean and Adam sign off on after they have completed their chores!) We came to Door of Hope February 26th 2019 broken and weary, Patrick and I were at the verge of divorce. Fast forward nearly two years later, we are whole again, and thriving! —Erika, 2019 ProgramGraduate “ Thank you for being a part of our journey, you have given us A LOT, the Johnson family are forever in your debt. ”

94% Housed at 1 year 89% Housed at 3 years 85% Housed at 5+ years LONG-TERM IMPACT formerly homeless families received Alumni Support Services 69 97% Employed at 1 year

How your gift was put to work: Case management Rent assistance Grocery assistance Therapy sessions Spiritual care


YOU ENDED HOMELESSNESS BEFORE IT BEGAN! Three years ago, Jessica made the courageous decision to leave her abusive marriage in order to protect herself and her two young girls. She fled with nothing — no work experience, no job, not even a car and soon found herself and her two children homeless. However, Jessica was determined to make a new life for herself and her children. With a lot of persistence, she enrolled in community college and secured a job through school — found an apartment and even managed to save for a car. Jessica eventually graduated and was accepted to University, she was thrilled! But then, last summer, because of the Pandemic, she lost her job. Devastated and on the verge of homelessness for a second time, Jessica found Door of Hope. She told us, “I was vulnerable, scared, alone, hopeless, andanxious. I felt like a loser—I couldn’t evenprovide formy kids. But

You prevented eviction for families at risk of homelessness

families received homelessness prevention services 132

296% increase from 2019!

I immediately got help to pay my rent and with Door of Hope case management, came up with a 3-month plan to help me save money and get back on-track. I was even able to stay in school and managed to get through my first semester with all A’s! I’m so grateful for the help, without it I don’t know where my kids and I would be.” Families like Jessica’s are why we expanded our Homelessness Prevention Program to serve three times as many families in 2020.

How your gift was put to work: Short-term rental assistance Landlord mediation assistance Financial counseling Public benefits navigation

LONG-TERM IMPACT 98% Still housed 6-months later

84% Housed at 1 year 67% Increased income 56% Increased savings



Helping cover expanded needs due to Covid-19 Preventing homelessness for more families Securing a brand new transitional shelter Increasing reserves to ensure a sustainable future Seeding an Endowment

FUNDING SOURCES: Total $4,414,327

Individuals 59%

Foundations 16%

Government* 10%

In-kind 7%

Thanks to you, we raised enough money to cover this tremendous expansion of services, while the surplus created funds that will sustain Door of Hope’s future.

Churches 4%

Corporations 2%

I’m excited to share a few updates on the financial accomplishments you made possible in 2020:

Organizations 1%

BUILDING SHORT-TERM RESERVES Just two years ago, we set out on an ambitious plan to raise 6-months of operating reserves that would not only give security for a “rainy day” but would allow funding for growth as we expanded our programs and services. Last year, you made that goal a reality in completing our “rainy day fund” totaling $1.5 million.

BUILDING AN ENDOWMENT FOR THE FUTURE Last year, Door of Hope launched an Endowment Fund that will play a key role in sustaining Door of Hope’s future. Inspired by Christ’s heart for the poor, chief catalyst, Daniel Fong (founder ofMillion Dollar Baby), galvanized other philanthropists to seed this fundwith $400,000, and the distribution will fuel growth in years to come.

Earned & Interest Income 1%

SPENDING BREAKDOWN: Total $3,097,244

Program 80%

Fundraising 12%

Management & General 8%

As we look to future growth opportunities, we hope donors like you will be inspired by this generosity and help us grow the Endowment — in particular by making a legacy gift to our Endowment in your estate planning. To learn more please contact Megank@doorofhope.us.

Financials are reported on a cash basis, which will differ from audited financial statements that include accrued multi-year pledges which will be available upon request in March 2021. *$250,400 of this total was a 100% forgiven loan from the Federal Government’s Payroll Protection Program for Covid relief.





The program is a proactive approach to ending homelessness before it even begins. By working with families to prevent eviction, help them apply for eligible public benefits, and mediate with their landlords through rental assistance and payment plans, they keep their housing and stability through this crisis. Although 296%more families were served in 2020, we know that the need far exceeds the resources available for families — to keep them housed — and home.

AN INNOVATIVE COLLABORATION Door of Hope will operate its life-

changing transitional housing program Beacon Housing will own and maintain the 6,000+ sq. ft. property

PREVENTION IS THE KEY …to ending homelessness for more families!

2021 will be the first year we operate our new transitional shelter program at Casa de Alegria. Since 1999, Casa de Alegria, a Beacon Housing property, has provided a 6,000+ square foot transitional living facility for women and children survivors of domestic violence. Beacon Housing has offered Door of Hope the opportunity of a lifetime — to operate our life-changing transitional housing program at Casa, while Beacon Housing will maintain the property. We will begin sheltering new families in February and anticipate this new shelter will be full by March. Each parent will enroll in a vocational education or training program, and we are delighted to begin offering scholarships to residents thanks to an Educational Scholarship Fund seeded by a generous donor.

Door of Hope will exceed 2020’s expansion of our homelessness prevention program by offering assistance to 145 new families in 2021

“ After exhausting every resource imaginable, I was so down. I didn’t know what to do or who to turn to. I was literally penniless and on the verge of eviction when I was referred to Door of Hope. I explained my situation and for the first time felt heard and not hopeless. I was approved for rental assistance and case management. I’m so grateful for the help. Without it I don’t know where I would be. —Mia, Homelessness Prevention Client ”



YOU EMPOWER FAMILIES! Before moving into Door of Hope we were staying in motels. I was in between jobs and just trying to get on my feet to get my own space for me and my two boys. Every day I was calling 211 to get any sort of assistance. Every program I was referred to was full or had a long waiting list. By the grace of God, I found Door of Hope…and my life changed! Not only have they given unlimited support for me andmy boys, but they also launched a paid internshipprogramcalled “Pathways”whichgave residents, likeme, anopportunity to work alongside Door of Hope staff to learn a new work skill. When I applied I was nervous and excited all at the same time! I did not know what to expect. At first, my goal was to learn a new work skill while we were going through this pandemic, but as I started working my goal changed to finding a permanent job with a company where I can put my new found knowledge to use. I am so proud to say that I am the first ever Human Resources Intern! —Brittany, Pathways Intern 2020/21 Brittany, one of our Pathways interns, is currently being mentored by our Human Resources Manager for a career in Human Resources.

While Casa will be our only shelter program fully dedicated to education programs for all residents, we plan to make this “education track” available to other residents across all shelter programs as a pathway out of poverty. We will also offer internships to a handful of residents. PATHWAYS INTERNSHIP PROGRAM: Last October, we launched Door of Hope’s Pathways Internship Program— empowering parents to increase their earning potential by gaining marketable skills and valuable work experience. The internship consists of 10 hours/week paid job training, interview and resume coaching, work experience and mentorship. EDUCATION SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM: ​Each mother living in the new shelter will enroll in a vocational certification program and live there up to 2 years while she finishes her education and then finds work in her new professional field. We will prioritize these mothers for scholarships, although scholarship funds may also be used for parents in our other shelters completing their GEDs or other education programs. “ Since starting the Internship Program I have learned a lot about myself. This program has not only helped me gain knowledge but it also helped build my self-confidence by pushing me beyond my limits to be the best. ”

YOU MAKE NEW BEGINNINGS POSSIBLE! In October, we celebrated the graduation of Kiandi and Ariel who worked so hard to transition from homelessness to their own home. At their (virtual) graduation celebration, we laughed, reminisced, and even shed a few tears (happy ones!) when Kiandi shared these words: “Thank you to everyone who believed in us more than we believed in ourselves. When we felt like giving up, you guys wouldn’t let us. That’s something I will never forget. I didn’t know people helped so genuinely without wanting anything in return, other than for us to be better. That’s a blessing that I will take with me forever.”

P.O. BOX 90455 Pasadena, CA 91109 626-304-9130 doorofhope.us

@doorofhope @thedoorofhope

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