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Find What’s Good in Your Life And Hold On to It

I hope this finds you healthy and well.We’ve been thinking of you during this time. I know the last couple months have been a very difficult time for our world, and I keep thinking about all the people in my life and hoping everyone is doing all right. Going through something like this makes you realize how important your people are to you. I’ve found myself reaching out to friends and acquaintances I hadn’t talked to in years because I want to know how they are. I’ve heard the same from others — they’re reaching out to one another and checking in with friends and family more often. I hope this outpouring of support and kindness is something we can take with us into the future. It’s strange to think that anything positive could come out of all of this when so many people are suffering, yet I’ve seen so many examples of compassion and kindness in the world recently.

People are realizing what matters in life.You realize how important it is to tell people you love them when you have the opportunity.You realize what a gift it is to be in the same room as family and friends and even your coworkers! It’s easy to take these things for granted. Good health is like that too.You don’t appreciate it until you don’t have it. But not anymore.We’ve all been taking measures to keep ourselves healthy and well. Appreciating the importance of that is great motivation to make healthier decisions for ourselves all the time. For the first time in a very long time, life has slowed down a bit. Maybe it’s time to cherish that. Typically we have so much planned that sometimes it’s hard to actually savor those plans.You’re rushing through life just checking one event off your list before you move to the next one. I’ve found myself cherishing the time I have at home, and it has me thinking, why can’t I do this all the time? It’s a discovery I plan to take with me into the future: to take life a little bit more slowly, savor each moment a little more, and appreciate the good things.

Your Legal Resource

As an attorney and advisor for real estate and loans, I get a lot of requests for help on a wide range of topics, including getting out of debt, rental properties, insurance, partnerships, trusts, and taxes.While I can’t provide legal representation or advice on all topics, I can be a helpful resource by giving you direction.

When you need practical advice and don’t know where to go, I’m here for you.

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