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Meet Dr. Ryan Rubio, PT, Physical Therapist Dr. Ryan Rubio, PT is a Doctor of Physical Therapy at ACI Physical Therapy in Yanceyville, North Carolina. He also provides Physical Therapy services at our sister clinic, Danville Orthopedic & Athletic Rehab.

Ryan is an expert at helping people of all ages recovery from orthopedic surgeries and injures. He is passionate about helping others get back to doing the things they love. He enjoys teaching patients strengthening exercises and performing manual therapy techniques to reduce pain.

Ryan graduated in 2014with a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, one of the top ranked programs in the nation. He also holds a Baccalaureate degree from UNC-Chapel Hill. Ryan resides in Danville, Virginia with his wife, Jessamyn, and their son, Raylen. Ryan stays active by running, lifting weights, practicing yoga, and exploring the Dan River Region with his family.

Inside: • Life Doesn’t Have to Be a Pain in The Neck • Are You Hurting Your neck while you sleep?

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"MyLifeDidn'tHaveto BeA PainInTheNeck!"

Neck pain can be a constant ache or sharp pain withmovement, stopping you from enjoying life’s activities. Neck pain is very common affecting approximately 2/3 rds of the population at one point or another. People with neck pain suffer mainly from one of the following conditions: Degenerative Disc Disease Thediscsarethefluidfilledsacsbetweenthebonesofyourneck. The normal aging process shrinks the discs and dries themout. Repeated stress and strain also weakens the tissues that make up a disc. When this happens, the disc loses its ability to absorb shock. In turn, this causes rubbing and changes in the shape of the joints in your neck, which can be painful. Muscle Strain When there is an injury to the neck or you overuse the shoulder and neck muscles, a strain can occur. When this happens, the neck muscles may go into spasm to help support and protect the sore area. Mechanical Neck Pain Mechanical pain usually starts from changes in the neck joints. As discs start to collapse, the space between the neck bones narrows,andthe jointsmaybecome inflamed.Thepain isusually chronicand istypicallyfelt inthemiddlepartoftheneck.However, it may spread from the neck into the upper back or to the outside of the shoulder in some cases. Radiculopathy Pressure or irritation on or around the nerves of the neck can affect the nerves’ electrical signals.The pressure or irritation can befeltasnumbnesson theskin, weakness in themusclesorpain along the path of the nerve. Weakness in the spine muscles can cause abnormal pressure on the nerves and increased chance of radiculopathy.

If you are suffering from neck pain, our SPINE Program is ideal to quickly relieve your pain and prevent it from returning. From long-term neck pain, to recovering from a complicated surgery, we can relieve your pain quickly, returning your natural mobility and strength. Our treatments are designed to help ease pain and to improve flexibility, strength, posture and function. We even teach you how to protect your neck in the years ahead. Look inside to learn more about our SPINE Program and say good-bye to that aching neck! • •

AreYouHurtingYourNeckWhileYouSleep? We spend one third of our lives sleeping. Therefore, how you sleep and the bed you sleep on can have a dramatic effect on the support of your body. When you sleep you need to be aware of how your neck and spine are supported. There are many different types of beds on the market today which can be very confusing for consumers. The best type of bed is the one that you try out and feel most comfortable using. Typically, a bedthat isfirmunderneath,with a softer top helps to provide support as well as contour your body. If your mattress is old, then think about investing in a new one so that your neck and spine are supported well. The best positions to sleep in for your spine are on your backorsides.Avoidsleepingon your stomach since your spine endsuptwisted,especiallyyour neck.Overthehoursofrepetitive sleeping on your stomach, you can damage the joints of your spine and compress the nerves exiting your spine. Use a pillow to help support your body and take the weight of your legs off your spine. If you like to sleep on your back, place a pillow under the backs of your thighs and knees. This should place yourknees inaslight,supported bend which takes pressure off your lower back. If you sleep on yourside, besure to putapillow between your knees. This helps keep the alignment of your spine, and takes the pressure of your upper leg off the spine. Have 1-2 pillows under your head to keep your neck in proper alignment. If you need 2 pillows stagger them so that one pillowoverlaps the other by one half. The lower half goes under the shoulders, while the upper half supports the neck. As part of our SPINE Program, our physical therapists can show you exercises, stretches and techniques to relieve your pain and prevent it from returning. If you are suffering with neck or back pain, call us today to learn more about our SPINE Program and discover howwe can relieve your pain, returning you to a more active, pain-free life!

Exercise Essentials

SCAPULAR RETRACTION Holdyourhandsbehindyourbackandslowly raise them off your back in a backward direction. Repeat 8 times.

DIAPHRAGMATIC BREATHING While lying down on your back, place one hand on your breast bone and one hand on your abdomen near your navel. Slowly take a deep breath in and focus on trying to get your hand on your navel to rise while the hand on your breast bone remains still. Repeat for 2 minutes.

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Patient Success Spotlight “Playing sports and 10 years in the Marine Corps and I’m in construction so I’m up and down ladders, and in and out of holes and beating concrete all the time, so it’s a lot of shock on my knee. Since I’ve been coming here, he has shown me a lot of things that I can do on my own for my flexibility and to do things in a proper manner where it will take stress off my knee.” – DeVaughan, Past Patient


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