Texas State Aquarium Annual Report 2019

It's was an exciting 2019 at the Texas State Aquarium. Learn more about last year's progress and our thoughts for the Aquarium as we move forward during these unprecedented times.


2019 board of TRUSTEES

executive committee

Julie Buckley, Chair Bruce S. Hawn, Vice Chair Charles W. Zahn, Jr. , Vice Chair Darcy Schroeder, Secretary Donald E. Kingsbury, Treasurer Rob Hall, Past Chair

Robert W. Maxwell, At-Large Julie McNeil, At-Large J. Ted Oakley, At-Large Larry Urban, At-Large Thomas A. Gates, Jr., Appointed Kim Hammer, Appointed Kurt Roush, Appointed

Board of trustees

Esperanza Andrade Barry Andrews Tree Baker III Osbert Blow, MD, PhD, FACS

George A. Finley, III Laura Fischer Pat Frost Robert R. Furgason, PhD Eddie L. Garcia Paul J. Guilfoyle Judith Hawley R. Scott Heitkamp Ken Herring Charles A. Hicks Gloria Hicks Catherine Tobin Hilliard

Peter Holt Susan E. Hutchinson Edward A. Martin Robert A. May Larry McKinney, PhD Larry Meyers Kelly M. Miller, PhD Patty Nuss Patricia Outtrim Rakesh Patel J. Hoelt Pohlmeier Mike Pusley

Andy Saenz Keleigh H. Sasser Frank J. Scanio, III Deneece Ann Squires Celika Storm Denise Swineford Judith Talavera George E. Tanner Sylvia A. Whitmore Cassandra Wolfe

Allen G. Borden William C. Bush

Mary M. Campbell Louise G. Chapman Thomas E. Dobson John F. Dorn Larry R. Elizondo, Sr. Sidney H. Evans, II

Aquarium Leadership

advisory board

trustee emeritus

Nelda Martinez Sam L. Susser friends of tsa Mark Meyer Nathan Taggart

R. C. Allen Charles C. Butt Peggy Lasater Clark Maureen Miller

Tom Schmid, President & CEO Jesse Gilbert, Senior Vice President & COO Julio Flores, Jr., CPA, Senior Vice President & CFO Courtney Cook McLain, Vice President of Development Nicole Andrade, SHRM-SCP, Director of Administration and Human Resources Erin Kane, Director of Development Justin Sefcik, Director of Operations Jennifer Vela, Director of Marketing, Sales, & Communications Cheryl Wolfe, CPA, Director of Finance

Rich D. Tuttle Arthur Zeitler

2 | 2019 Annual Report

greetings members & friends ,

We are pleased to share with you our 2019 annual report.

Thankfully, 2019 was a very strong year for us financially, as well as

programmatically. Our success last year is helping propel us through

the current crisis. As we write this letter, we have been open for two

weeks, after an unprecedented eight week closure. While we were

closed to the public, our teams continued working seven days a week,

caring for our animals, engaging with students, teachers, and families

online, inspiring appreciation for our seas, and working actively

to rescue and rehabilitate animals injured in the wild.

We have been humbled by the outpouring of support from our

community and from folks across Texas. Over 700 gifts totaling over

$300,000 came in during the crisis. This support was vital and provided a measure of hope.

We don’t knowwhat the future holds for us. We do know it will be paramount to continue

to grow, innovate and experiment, implement new ideas, and develop newways to do business.

One thing that will not change is our commitment to STEM education and wildlife

conservation. As we re-shape our strategic and master plans, we hope to engage with you, while

continuing to deliver on our mission of engaging, inspiring, and supporting wildlife conservation.

Thank you,

Julie Buckley , Board Chair

Tom Schmid , President & CEO


Visitors & Exhibits In 2019, the Texas State Aquarium continued to grow in its role as a leading tourist attraction for visitors from near and far. Nearly 600,000 visitors came through our doors throughout the year. While the majority of visitors hail from Texas, we saw visitors from nearly all fifty states and internationally, as well. When guests were asked why they visited Corpus Christi, 45 percent said it was specifically to visit the Aquarium.

4 | 2019 Annual Report

Texas State Aquarium was pleased to be recognized as ranking fourth on the USA Today listing of the best North American aquariums, one of the “Ten Must-See Aquariums in the United States” by TheTravel , one of the “Ten Best Aquariums in the World” by Budget Travel and “Best Local Tourist Attraction” by the Corpus Christi Caller-Times Reader’s Choice Contest. The Caribbean Journey and Dolphin Bay continued to be some of the most popular exhibits, alongside the Aquarium’s unique

opportunities for visitors to feed flamingos and touch stingrays and sharks. To see first-hand what goes into caring for the Aquarium’s over 4,000 animals, visitors took part in Exclusive Encounters. Visitors didn’t just connect with wildlife on their visit, they helped to protect it. In 2019, we launched our “Save More Than Memories” campaign, highlighting how Aquarium guests contribute to wildlife rescue, conservation projects, and animal care by purchasing admission to the Aquarium.

We were thrilled to host Polar Obsession, a National Geographic photography exhibition that features striking images of the world’s Arctic and Antarctic regions by renowned photographer Paul Nicklen. His work captures animal life in these stark, frigid conditions in ways that are rarely caught on camera. polar obsession



Conservation Contributing to wildlife conservation is a significant tenant of the Aquarium’s mission. In 2019, the Aquarium took major strides forward in protecting the wildlife and habitats of the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea – the two regions featured in its exhibits – as well as in areas as far away as South Africa.

Hatching of a lesser flamingo chick

Aquarium staff feeding an endangered juvenile lesser flamingo

6 | 2019 Annual Report

Aquarium staff participating in beach clean-up

Propogating Boulder Brain Coral from Florida Reef Tract Project

In January, the Aquarium joined an international rescue effort for endangered flamingos in South Africa. Aquarium staff traveled to assist with the feeding, housing, and medical care of approximately 2,000 abandoned lesser flamingo juveniles that were found in Kamfers Dam, as well as the field rescue and care of hundreds of flamingo eggs. Sustainable seafood, which is seafood caught or farmed in ways that consider the long-term health of the species and the ocean, continued to be a major focus of the Aquarium’s conservation work. “Seafood Wars,” educational culinary events that invite competing chefs to create sustainable seafood dishes, informed guests on the importance of supporting local fishermen. The Aquarium also joined forces with other organizations to encourage area seafood restaurants to use locally caught seafood

using sustainable practices. When a deadly disease began killing off large swaths of the Florida Reef Tract, the Aquarium was one of many Association of Zoos and Aquariums partners that participated in a project to save the reef ’s remaining coral and help with a potential rebuilding project. Several species of coral were transported to the Aquarium in July and introduced to a safe offsite habitat where they could be cared for and propagate until a time when they can, hopefully, be reintroduced to their natural habitat. Staff and volunteers also galvanized the community to keep local coastlines healthy. As a local host of the Texas General Land Office Adopt-A-Beach Program, the Aquarium organized the cleanup of beaches, making them safer for people and wildlife alike.


animal wellness

In 2019, more than 4,000 animals comprising over 380 species made the Aquarium their home, and a team of dedicated professionals made sure they had access to the best possible diets, habitats, medical care, and enrichment— all significant contributors to their overall physical and mental wellness.

For each animal at the Aquarium, we develop and implement a comprehensive wellness program based on Vicino & Miller’s evidence-based guidelines, the “Five Opportunities to Thrive,” ensuring the highest standard of animal wellness for all in our care.

8 | 2019 Annual Report

Toothbrush time at the Aquarium! Like humans, dolphins need to have their teeth cleaned regularly.

Dolphins, arguably the Aquarium’s most popular and high profile animals, have some of the most demanding care requirements. Dolphin Bay Animal Care staff continued to provide exceptional care according to the best practices for dolphins in aquariums and zoos, offering an environment for these intelligent animals to thrive. Staff also assessed overall wellness of the animals by evaluating all aspects of their life— environment, nutrition, health, behavior, choice, and control—along with continuing to provide training opportunities for these animals to voluntarily participate in their own medical care. Animals were continually introduced to new enrichment, or changes to their environment, designed to encourage natural behavior. In one enrichment program, algae that grows in the dolphins’ pool was collected by staff, prepped in the Commissary, and fed to sea turtles in the Aquarium’s collection and at the Wildlife Rescue Center. This provided a natural, nutritious meal to the turtles while stimulating their foraging instincts. Animals were also frequently taken on a “tour” of the Aquarium to see other animal residents who they would never see in their natural habitat. This activity creates a mentally engaging opportunity for both animals. Led by Senior Vice President and COO Jesse Gilbert and Animal Wellness Coordinator Catherine Razal, a wellness tool was developed to track animal behavior, nutrition, and other aspects of the animals’ day-to-day lives. Through this newwellness tool, data collected via specialized reports, video monitoring, and other methods is continually analyzed for the purpose of expanding wellness standards to create the best possible life for each of the Aquarium’s animals.

Aquarium staff preparing algae diet for sea turtles


10 | 2019 Annual Report

The Aquarium’s Wildlife Rescue Program, the only one in Texas licensed to care for

injured marine mammals, sea turtles, shore and water birds, and raptors, provided

wildlife rescue treatment and rehabilitation for nearly 589 injured or ill coastal wildlife in 2019.

Rescued Kemp’s ridley sea turtle, Champ, during his rehabilitation at the Wildlife Rescue Center and ultimate return to the Gulf of Mexico.

Of these animals, 296 sea turtles injured due to coastal tidal surge or cold stunning were able to be released back into the Gulf of Mexico. One of the most notable releases this past year was Champ, a Kemp’s ridley sea turtle rescued right after Hurricane Harvey in September 2017. Weak and missing a front flipper, Champ weighed only 67 grams fitting in the palm of your hand. After nearly two years of care and extensive rehabilitation, Champ weighed in at more than 6.9 kilograms and was

deemed capable of being released. On September 28, 2019, the Aquarium said a bittersweet goodbye to Champ as he was released at Padre Island National Seashore and energetically swam off into the Gulf of Mexico. An important aspect of the Aquarium Program is being prepared for a possible chemical or oil spill, which could negatively impact large scale numbers of coastal wildlife. Therefore, in 2019, nine Wildlife Rescue staff were certified in responding to hazardous


waste incidents through the HAZWOPER (Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response) Course increasing the number of staff certified in this critical training. HAZWOPPER training was put to good use this past November, when the Wildlife Rescue Center partnered with the Texas General Land Office and the Texas Parks &Wildlife Department to rescue five oiled brown pelicans found in the bilge of a shrimp boat. Rescue staff performed a medical evaluation on each pelican, undertook hours of soap baths to remove the oil on them, and provided the necessary time needed to recover at the Wildlife Rescue Center. We were elated when all five pelicans were able to be released near Corpus Christi Bay.

Rescued oiled pelican being cared for by Wildlife Rescue staff

12 | 2019 Annual Report

2019wildlife conservation impact 589 total wildlife patients

169 , 805

296 370

Plastic straws reduced through plastic-free initiatives

Approximate number of sea turtle patients

Sea turtles/ birds released back into their natural habitat


Students and teachers reached through STEM programs

Number of guests at SeafoodWars events 594

Bird patients 292


7 , 284


Trash picked up from Aquarium’s Adopt-A-Beach cleanups


Renderings of the new Texas Center

for Wildlife Rescue, Recovery, & Research to be built on the Aquarium campus.

14 | 2019 Annual Report

Texas Center forWildlife Rescue, Recovery, & Research

The Texas Center for Wildlife Rescue, Recovery, & Research, to be built on the

Aquarium campus adjacent to Corpus Christi Bay, will house the Aquarium’s

Wildlife Rescue Program with state-of-the-art expanded facilities, laboratories,

and surgical suite. This new 25,000 sq ftWildlife Conservation Center, set to break

ground in 2021, will also provide designated laboratories for collaborative research

with visiting scientists; increased opportunities for undergraduate and graduate

student coursework; and the ability to care for large scale numbers of negatively

impacted wildlife due to natural events and hazardous accidents.

In September 2019, ExxonMobil Corporation made a significant contribution

of $2 million to help build the new Texas Center for Wildlife Rescue, Recovery,

& Research. This tremendously generous gift is most humbling and sincerely

appreciated. ExxonMobil Corporation has long supported environmental education

programs and efforts to protect wildlife and we very much appreciate their

commitment to Gulf Coast wildlife conservation.


Because of the generosity of key donor partners, 41,400 children and adults were able to visit the Aquarium on our $2 Community Days, making it an accessible experience for many families in the community.

The texas state aquarium has always been committed to creating greater access to the Aquarium for everyone. In 2019, two important efforts, $2 Community Days and the Diversity & Inclusion Initiative, increased access to the Aquarium. Six $2 Community Days were hosted and each allowed anyone to visit the Aquarium for just $2 per person. These deeply discounted days remove the financial barrier to visiting the Aquarium for many of our area’s economically disadvantaged families. In 2019, over 41,400 children and adults visited the Aquarium on $2 Community Days, all of whom most likely would not be able to do so otherwise. We sincerely appreciate our corporate and foundation partners who make it possible for the Aquarium to host these deeply discounted days, which provide a very valuable service to our community: Coastal Bend Community Foundation, H-E-B, Navy Army Community Credit Union, Union Pacific Foundation, andWhataburger. Through our Diversity & Inclusion Initiative, the Aquarium held several events with modified programming for guests, which included four Sensory Sensitive Sundays specially accommodated days for the blind and deaf. Programming for each of these days was adapted to create a more inclusive and meaningful experience for individuals and families of children with special needs. Two Dream Nights, sponsored in part by Driscoll Health Plan, kept the Aquarium open after-hours to provide a quieter, but festive, environment for these children as well. To help support other not-for-profit organizations in South Texas, the Aquarium visited patients at Driscoll Children’s Hospital and donated 256 guest passes and 70 Aquarium memberships to aid them in their fundraising efforts. Communityimpact

The mascot Dorsey visiting patients at Driscoll Children’s Hospital

16 | 2019 Annual Report

donor spotlight The Gates Family

“Dos and I have always admired the Texas State Aquarium from afar. When I was in fifth grade, one of my favorite memories was taking a school bus from San Antonio to Corpus Christi for our big sleepover with the sharks! Dos loved visiting from Laredo when he was a kid too. When we moved to Corpus Christi, we both looked forward to attending parties and fundraisers at this transformative spot. Still, it was not until we had children that we realized what an incredible gem this Aquarium really is! Everything about the aquarium experience is created for the wonder of children and adults alike. The birthday parties are spectacular, the summer camps are magic, the fundraisers are elevated, and of course, the community outreach and animal welfare are so vital in educating the Coastal Bend and surrounding areas on the importance of conservation. South Texas is so lucky to have this in our “backyard” and we are grateful for the memories it provides our family.”

-Samantha, Dos, Isla, and Louisa Gates



The Aquarium’s Flint Hills Resources Center for Excellence in STEM Education

was established in 2014 through generous funding from Flint Hills Resources,

which continues today. The FHR STEM Center houses all of the Aquarium’s

educational initiatives, which come to life for students through onsite field trips,

field expeditions, camps, special programs, and online distance learning.

in 2019, over 82,000 students and teachers received conservation based STEM education strengthening their STEM skills and inspiring them to be responsible stewards of their environment. The Aquarium saw 43,400 area students participate in onsite field trips to not just explore the Aquarium, but to learn and engage with their surroundings through STEM-focused activities. Generous funding from a friend of the Aquarium provided for 700 Laredo ISD sixth and seventh grade students to travel to the Aquarium and

participate in the Marine Adventures Program, followed by Aquavision Distance Learning at their school. Reliant Energy, a longtime partner of the Aquarium, awarded the FHR STEM Center a generous grant that allowed 650 fifth grade students, all from area school districts impacted by Hurricane Harvey’s landfall, to spend an exciting day at the Aquarium with interactive STEM learning experiences. And, CITGO’s Caring for the Coast grant provided funding for 650 regional high school aquatic

18 | 2019 Annual Report

science students to participate in field expeditions studying coastal resiliency at Sunset Lake. Summer SeaCamp marked another successful year. Weekly sessions, open to pre-k through high school campers, introduced wildlife rescue to camp programming and, for the first time, held a STEM research camp for high school students. Thirty percent—224 campers—were able to attend SeaCamp through camp scholarships generously provided by Coastal Bend Community Foundation, Navy Army Community Credit Union, Prichard Family Foundation, Valero Energy Foundation, and individual donors. Together, these initiatives helped develop a new generation of dedicated scientists, conservationists and STEM professionals with the knowledge and passion to make a difference in the world.


nautilus society

The Nautilus Society honors those individuals who leave a

legacy gift to the Texas State Aquarium to endow the future

of the Aquarium. By becoming a member of the Nautilus

Society, you will provide lasting resources that will ensure

the Aquarium remains vital for generations to come, while

addressing your financial goals. For more information

on leaving a legacy gift to the Texas State Aquarium,

contact Courtney Cook McLain

at (361) 881-1255.

20 | 2019 Annual Report


On September 25th, the Aquarium’s signature fundraiser—Beach Ball 2019, “A Night at the Aquarium,” presented by Andrews Distributing Company and Co-Chaired by Catherine Hilliard and Darcy Schroeder—was held indoors for the first time throughout the Aquarium for a magical evening. Over 625 guests enjoyed the Aquarium after

dark with cocktails and dinner, a specially choreographed dolphin show, and Bid Board and Live Auction, followed by music and dancing. A record $300,000 was raised to support construction of the new Texas Center for Wildlife Rescue, Recovery, & Research. The Aquarium is extremely grateful to our major sponsors: Andrews Distributing Company, ExxonMobil, Flint Hills Resources, H-E-B, Catherine and Bob Hilliard, Larry and Pat McNeil Foundation, Port of Corpus Christi, and Whataburger, whose generous support helped us raise vital dollars for wildlife conservation.


ATTENDANCE Daytime . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 546,412 After Hours . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17,601 —————————————————————————————— Total ATTENDANCE . . . . . . . . . . . . 564,013 ——————————————————————————————



General Admission . . . . . . . . $ 10,071,119

Visitor Programs . . . . . . . . . $ 3,096,441

Retail Programs . . . . . . . . . . $ 3,038,005


Enterprise Programs . . . . . . . . . $ 810,871 —————————————————————————————— Total Operating Revenues . . . . . . $17,016,435 ——————————————————————————————

Fundraising income*

Donations,Grants&Special Events . . $ 1,351,787

Wildlife Conservation Center . . $ 2,592,570 —————————————————————————————— Total fundraising income . . . . . . . $3,944,357 ——————————————————————————————


Operating expenses**

Salaries & Benefits . . . . . . . . $ 8,068,197

Aquarium Operations . . . . . . . $ 4,340,483

Advertising . . . . . . . . . . . . .$ 1,079,975

Cost of Goods Sold . . . . . . . . . $ 729,126

Interest . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 702,049


Major Repairs & Equipment . . . . . $ 114,195 —————————————————————————————— Total Operating expenses . . . . . . $ 15,034,025 net income . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 1,982,410 ——————————————————————————————

* Unaudited ** Does not include depreciation expense

22 | 2019 Annual Report

For 17,601 special event guests in 2019, the Aquariumwas the perfect venue for weddings, EVENTS& CATERING

receptions, events, and corporate meetings. Spectacular views of Corpus Christi Bay and strolls

through the Aquarium enjoying magnificent animals and their fascinating exhibits was a

one-of-a-kind experience they will never forget.

Aquarium events were memorable and meaningful enough in 2019 to warrant recognition

in the Corpus Christi Caller-Times awards. Readers named the Aquarium as the city’s best

Event Venue and Kids’ Parties, as well as Reader’s Choice for Catering.

donors annual support 2019 $2,000,000 + ExxonMobil Corporation $500,000 - $999,999 State of Texas/Texas Parks & Wildlife Department $300,000 - $499,999 H-E-B $200,000 - $299,999 Cheniere Energy CITGO Petroleum Corporation $100,000 - $199,999 Mary & Jeff Bell Foundation City of Corpus Christi Flint Hills Resources, L.P. The John G. & Marie Stella Kenedy Memorial Foundation $50,000 - $99,999 American Bank The Brown Foundation, Inc. Valero Bill Greehey Refinery $25,000 - $49,999 Andrews Distributing Co., Inc. Coastal Bend Community Foundation Espejo Energy, LLC Joan & Herb Kelleher Charitable Foundation Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co.

$5,000 - $9,999 Peggy & Avinash Ahuja Allison Flooring America Rosie and Ruben Bonilla, Jr. Borden Insurance Buckley & Associates Julie Buckley Louise G. Chapman CHRISTUS Spohn Health System Dugan Eye Institute Bonnie & Jack Dugan, M.D.

LyondellBassell Deborah Males

Mike Shaw Toyota NuStar Energy, L.P. Pettus Advertising, Inc. Phantom Canyon Investment, LLC Laurie & Phillip Plant Drs. Veena & Vishnu Reddy Republic Services, Inc. Jordan & Lonnie Schwirtlich, M.D. Sigma Solutions, Inc. Signet Maritime Corporation Ingrid & Harry M. Spear, III Victory Building Team Western Steel Company Wood, Boykin &Wolter, P.C. $1,000 - $2,499 Barcom Construction Debbie & Tom Becquet Courtenay & Marvin Berry Derek J. Chang, D.D.S. Peggy Lasater Clark & Bill Clark

Richard S. Durham Flatiron - Dragados Frost Bank Fulton • Coastcon General Contractors Kim & Matt Hammer Harte Research Institute for Gulf of Mexico Studies Nerrida Koster Ingrid Little IBC Bank Pam & Richard Leshin National Marine Sanctuary Foundation Patty & Hank Nuss Dr. Ruby Payne & Thornton H. Bowman, IV Carol & Bill Pettus Polycarp Foundation Keleigh & Stuart Sasser Kim & Tom Schmid Glen Sefcik Strake Foundation Yvonne H. Simard Foundation Susan and Donald M. Taft, III Betty Terrey Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi Blaire & Paul R. Turnbull, III ValueBank Texas voestalpine Texas, LLC

Saundra & Jim Copeland MaryJane & Carl Crull Maria T. de Ases Martha & Charles DeCou Lura & Tom Dietze, M.D. Joseph Doolin Tina &Wayne Fagan, M.D. LTC Henry F. Fey, USA Ret. Kelley & Pat Frost Berta & Eddie Garcia

Whataburger $10,000 - $24,999 AEP Texas

General Motors Raymond Gignac Sally & James Gill/Gill’s Nursery Krista Borgelt-Gonzales & Ron Gonzales Law Office of Fontaine M. Gonzalez Joelle & Paul Guilfoyle Judith & David Hawley Gail & Bruce Hoffman The Honorable Todd Hunter & Alexis Hunter Erin Kane Susan & Paul Kennedy, D.D.S. Susan & John Lamb Maple Leaf Properties Wayne A. Lundquist, Jr. Nelda Martinez Marybeth & Robert W. Maxwell, Jr. John McIntyre, M.D. Courtney Cook McLain Crystal V. Mead

Abilene Zoological Gardens Bay Ltd., A BERRY Company The Sharon Moltz Burkett Revocable Trust Clark Pipeline Services/CC Ready Mix Christina & Chris Clark Driscoll Health Plan Event Network, Inc. Lualhati Flynn Samantha & Dos Gates Gentry Company George & Mary Josephine Hamman Foundation Hicks Automotive Group Catherine & Robert C. Hilliard Gaylord & Susan Hoyt Sherry & Charles Kolb, D.D.S. Lynne & Kelly Lassig Lou Adele & Robert A. May Larry & Pat McNeil Foundation Navy Army Community Credit Union Billie & Clayton Poenisch Port of Corpus Christi

Anonymous $2,500 - $4,999 ABC Home & Commercial Services David Anderson Behmann Brothers Foundation Myriam & John Bell Blanche Davis Moore Foundation

Debbie & Tim Chapman Kim & Manning Chapman Corpus Christi Gasket & Fastener, Inc Crosswind Media & Public Relations, LLC

Susan & John Duke, III, M.D. Devary Durrill Foundation Starr & Julio Flores FSG Lighting & Electric Dr. Robert & Gloria Furgason Laura & Steven Garcia Garza/Bomberger & Associates Emma & Jesse Gilbert Audrey & Brian Hageman Amy & Aaron Harvey, M.D. Katherine Hensley, M.D.

Meredith K. Morrill Munoz Engineering Eugene Nagowski Nancy & Ted Oakley The Ocean Foundation

Prichard Family Foundation Patricia and David Outtrim Reliant Charitable Foundation Celika Storm Turner Ramirez Architects Union Pacific Foundation Valero Energy Foundation Waves Resort Corpus Christi

Beth Paige Navel Patel Pattern Gulf Wind LLC Leslie Peart Peerless Cleaners & Laundry Joni & Randy Phariss

& Justin Hensley, M.D. Annette & Melvyn Klein Labatt Food Service

24 | 2019 Annual Report

PlainsCapital Bank Port Royal Ocean Resort Ann & Phil Schneider Douglas Shores SpawGlass Contractors, Inc. Deneece A. Squires Catherine & Sam L. Susser Helen Swetman Texas State Roofing Rock Engineering & Testing Laboratory, Inc. Veterinary Anesthesia Systems, Inc. Joanne & Peter Volpe Joseph Wise Karen & L. James Welder, Jr. Weichert Realtors Sylvia & MarkWhitmore $500 - $999 Nicole & Toby Andrade Alina & Peter Avots Berger Engineering Company Michele & John Bond Cindy & Mike Boudloche Dane Bruun Mary & Charles Campbell, M.D Coastal Bend Workforce Development Board Cathy & Richard W. Crews, Jr. Ben A. Donnell Nick Estrada Damla Eytemiz Conni Geary

Paige Alam Ashle Aligno AmazonSmile Foundation Laurie & Tom Cook Corpus Christi Wine Festival Steven Davidson Courtney & Robert C. Durham Jason Early Linda & James Gibeaut Natalie & David Gonzalez

Sara & Josh Boomer Heather Boothby Bowlero Buffalo Wild Wings Paul A. Bugay Michael Bussell Cayli Calogero Cameron Park Zoo Amy Carlisle Tori Carroll-Metz

Lindsey R. Halfmann The Hall at Ridgestone Ashleigh Hancock Becky Hase Karol L. Hinojosa Patrick Hoffman Rhonda Honegger Hotel Emma Laura S. Hutton Amy Jacobs Ryan Johnston Kendra Scott LLC Diane LaRue Mark L. LaRue Louise Lawrence Melinda LeClair Lesley & Ben Lomax James Magill

Jessie Castanier Rebekah Cieslik Christopher Clark Peggy Chipman & Dani Breitenbucher Kelly Cole Walter C. Cooke Corpus Christi Institute of Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery

Madalyn Cox Andrew Crane Micaiah Curlee Edward B. Derry Katherine Dion Doc’s Seafood & Steaks Emoss Beautifies Adrianna Escamilla Marissa Esquivel Morgan Farenthold Marlive Fitzpatrick Jena Floyd

Kay P. Mantor Bill McGehee Kevin Mihm Eli Morales

Natalie P. Forbes Lorraine Franco Frances Z. Fulton Matthew Garcia Victoria C. Garcia Brendan Giambruno-Fuge Jean Marie Giegerich Julie Gonzales Alessandra Gonzalez Anthony B. Gonzalez, M.D. Edward Gonzalez Luis Gonzalez Margarito R. Gonzalez Susan & James Gonzalez Dr. & Mrs. Charles Goolsbee Rosanna Gossett Christine & Paul Gottemoller Kara Hahn Joan & Donald Halepeska Kirk Haney Jennifer Harvey Katrina & Michael Hernandez Nicholas Herrera Alex Hirota

Get Air Trampoline Park Debra & Daniel Gifford Katharine Guerra Hoegemeyer’s Barbeque Barn

Shelby O’Brien Belinda Osuna Carolyn Paige Christopher Priebe Christie and Rick Prine Patsy & Dale W. Rasco, D.V.M. Loren Rock Sheryl Roehl Safe Harbor Real Estate, LLC Sanda’s Medi-Spa Jeanne & Richard Schafer, M.D. SeaWorld San Antonio Yolanda Tanguma Jessica & Tyler Tuscher Loida & Joe Utley Water Street Restaurants Mary Anne Wilkinson, M.D. $100 - $249 Matt Adler Suzanne & John Adams Daniel K. Albert Alpacas Some Wine Art Museum of South Texas Atelier Salon

Dollie & Tom Hunt, Jr. Bruce & Shelly Jacobson Christina Martin Lucy & Dick McCracken Barbara & James A. Mobley, Jr. M.D. Network For Good Sarah & Paul O’Brien Cal Ortega - In the Mix Jason Page Dana Perez Robin Jackson Photography The Post at Lamar Park Republic National Distributing

Company, LLC Saltwater Valet Southwest Airlines Warren L. Smith

Frances & Felix Tapp Team Cruz Charters TVVMediSpa Debi & Gordon R. Welch, Jr., M.D. HadleyWickham Ashley & MarkWilson, M.D. Cassandra & Brad Wolfe Cheryl & MarkWolfe Linda & Charles W. Zahn, Jr. $250 - $499 Rajan Ahuja

Heather Hirsh Alicia Hoover Caleb Johnson Javier Juarez Johnny Carino’s Kaleigh Glover Art Shelby Kamman Roxanne Kierst Douglas E. Lewis

Lauren Attaway Aubrey Benton

Sarah Bethel Troy Bethel Robert Bidwell Winifred & John Bishop, M.D. Lois & Gary Blum


Sierra L. Longlois Lorelei Brewing Company Rebekah Lundy Hazel Manjarris Alexandra Mayfield Joslyn McBride Megan and Hunt McKee Jim Mecom Gilberto Mendoza Aimee Mounce Reverend George Munroe & Donna Munroe Nueces Brewing Co. Sophia Ommani, M.D. & John Lusins, M.D. Gregory Padia Jessica Page Ruben R. Palacios Pamela Parnell Rachel Pearson Pelican Media Group, LLC. Lynda H. Pena Brian Pfeiffer, M.D Shannon Riff Amy Rivers Denise Rocha Ignacio Rodriguez Nicolas Rodriguez Julie Romano Christopher Ryan Joshua Sanchez Debbie Sangabbiel Audrey Sartoris Chris Scott Justin Sefcik Linda Shirey Caitlin Shook Heather Smith Lynn Smith Maria & Frank Smith Alma Soyos Bethany Summers Texas Surf Museum Brice Thomas Jan & Bill Thornton Judy Tiller Alyssa Trickey Brenda & Ross Tuxhorn Amanda M. Vela Jennifer Vela Damali Vera Christina Villeda Holly Jo Vergenz-Schwab AshleyWarrington

Mady Stacy & Apple Cadavona Bronwyn Casillan Mr. & Mrs. William A. Clark, Mr. & Mrs. Will Clark, & Ms. Kittie Clark Sally S. Kleberg David L. Dorman Christina Dorman John F. Dorn Jo Anne & Robert Crain Cameron & Paul Duke Susan& John M. Duke, III, M.D. Joe Gifford Debra & Daniel Gifford Susan E. Hutchinson Emily & James Sanford Jon Lang Aletia Stewart Alan Stoner Catherine & Sam L. Susser Aurora M. Lado Mindy Lado Irma & Leonard Martin Christina Martin Robert W. Maxwell Caryl & James T. Devlin Meredith Paddock Pam & Richard Leshin Tom Schmid Pam & Richard Leshin Stacy B. Whiteley Rachel Whiteley Patrick Veraa JD Delancy In Memory of: Helen A. Anderson Marjorie Hild-Kyler & James Hild Elizabeth A. Ramos Arrie Randy & Joni Phariss JohnW. Creveling Mr. & Mrs. Lawson C. Allen Patsy & Garnett Brooks Louise G. Chapman Martha & Charles DeCou Frances R. Fulton Frederick C. Groos Honorable Hayden W. Head, Jr. & Mrs. Barbara Head Marion & John O. Heldenfels Intrepid Equity Investments Todd Jones Paul G. Kratzig Susan & Paul Kennedy, D.D.S. Las Donas de la Corte Dee Dee & Terry Lewis Janet & Frank Luckay Courtney Cook McLain Patty & Hank Nuss Betty & Percy A. Penley Porter Rogers Dahlman & Gordon, P.C.

Helen Dawkins

Mary Ferguson Jane McMillan Eduardo E. de Ases Maria T. de Ases Elinor Drake Donnell Suzanne & John L. Adams Paige Alam

Amy Carrier Ray Chilton Walter C. Cooke Lisa & JohnDorn, The Brown Foundation, Inc Linda & Charles T. Draper Pam Fullenweider Dr. & Mrs. Charles Goolsbee

Jennifer Gregory Sandra H. Herrin Susan & Paul Kennedy, D.D.S. Las Donas de la Corte Eleanor Lipscomb Wayne A. Lundquist, Jr. Lou Adele & Robert A. May Sandra & Barry McBurnett, D.D.S. Courtney Cook McLain Ella Prichard Alice H. Sallee Pat & Sam J. Susser PatsyWinn Emily & DannyWeingeist C. David Hall Rebecca Hall Scarbrough Kelly Miller Lee Katie Nelson Audrey Langford Bianca San Miguel Sam Lightner Marion & John O. Heldenfels Carol Anne Kidd Messer Stacy Boultinghouse Aymee M. Mosley Lindsey R. Halfmann Nicholas Paige Cunningham Stephen Cunningham Nerrida Koster

Beth S. Paige Carolyn Paige

Elaine Wright Tina English aquarium partners

Presenting Partners Cheniere Energy CITGO Petroleum Corporation Flint Hills Resources, L.P. H-E-B Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co. of Corpus Christi Whataburger executive Partners AEP Texas Andrews Distributing Company Bay Ltd, a BERRY Company CITGO Petroleum Corporation Navy Army Community Credit Union Port of Corpus Christi

Ron Whatley Cara Wendel Wind &Wave Water Sports Judy & Ronald C. Woodson, M.D. Joleene Zamora

Kristin Riddick Alice H. Sallee Dorothy & Ned Snyder Judy & Ronald C. Woodson, M.D.

tribute gifts In Honor of: Helen A. Anderson American Bank

Valero Bill Greehey Refineries Waves Resort Corpus Christi

26 | 2019 Annual Report

corporate Partners Allison Flooring America Ben E. Keith Foods CHRISTUS Spohn Health System Corpus Christi General & Implant Dentistry Corpus Christi Regional Economic Development Corporation Christus Spohn Health Systems Devary Durrill Foundation Frost Bank Gentry Company Gowland, Strealy, Morales & Company

Judith & David Hawley Katherine Hensley, M.D. & Justin Hensley, M.D. Gloria & Ed* Hicks Flint Hills Resources, L.P. Holt Companies Gail & Bruce Hoffman Sherry & Charles Kolb, D.D.S.

The Ocean Foundation Reliant texas Center for Wildlife Rescue, Recovery and Research The Sharon Moltz Burkett Revocable Trust ExxonMobil Corporation Gaylord & Sue Hoyt Crystal V. Mead

Susan & John Lamb Barbara & Joe Lewis Ingrid Little

Patricia & David Outtrim Pelican Media Group, LLC Kim & Tom Schmid Celika Storm State of Texas/Texas Parks &Wildlife Department SeaCamp Scholarship Program

Carole & Ed Martin Carroll P. Matthews Lucy and Dick McCracken John McIntyre, M.D. Courtney Cook McLain Julie & Michael McNeil, D.D.S., M.S. Maureen Miller Nancy & J. Ted Oakley Leslie Peart Peerless Cleaners & Laundry Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co. of Corpus Christi Port of Corpus Christi Marsha & Gregg Robertson Keleigh & Stuart Sasser Rene` & Frank Scanio Marion Scanio* Rebecca Hall Scarbrough Jordan & Lonnie Schwirtlich, M.D. Toby Shor Nancy and Mike Shaw

Green Mountain Energy Hicks Automotive Group

Labatt Food Service NuStar Energy, L.P. Occidental Chemical Corporation-Ingleside

Coastal Bend Community Foundation Navy Army Community Foundation Prichard Family Foundation Valero Energy Foundation Anonymous special needs advocacy program Blanche Davis Moore Foundation Coastal Bend Workforce Development Board Driscoll Health Plan Wildlife rescue Program Abilene Zoological Gardens Patsy & Garnett Brooks Peggy Chipman & Dani Breitenbucher Walter C. Cooke Saundra & Jim Copeland Stephen Cunningham Martha & Charles DeCou Mary Ferguson Marlive Fitzpatrick Frances R. Fulton Debra & Daniel Gifford Audrey & Brian Hagemann Joan & Donald Halepeska Kim and Matt Hammer Becky Hase Katrina & Michael Hernandez Dollie and Tom Hunt, Jr. Nerrida Koster Jane McMillan, M.D. Reverend George S. Munroe and Mrs. Donna Munroe Beth S. Paige Carolyn Paige Joni & Randy Phariss Alice H. Sallee Jeanne & Richard Schafer, M.D. Linda Shirey Douglas Shores Brenda & Ross Tuxhorn Mary Anne Wilkinson, M.D. Yvonne H. Simard Foundation, Inc. matching gifts Merrill Lynch

Pattern Gulf Wind, LLC Republic Services, Inc SpawGlass Contractors, Inc ValueBank Texas voestalpine Texas LLC Western Steel Company president’s council AEP Texas Lana & Barry Andrews Bay Ltd, A BERRY Company Myriam & John Bell Rosie & Ruben Bonilla, Jr. Tom Brookshire Mary & Charles Campbell, M.D.

Deneece A. Squires Wayne M. Squires Celika Storm

Debbie & Tim Chapman Kim & Manning Chapman Louise G. Chapman Cheniere Energy

Susan and Stephen W. Sullivan Catherine and Sam L. Susser Helen S. Swetman Betty Terrey Larry & Karen Urban Valero Bill Greehey Refineries Ann & Jeff Vlach Joanne & Peter J. Volpe, Jr. Karen & L. James Welder, Jr. Whataburger Sylvia & MarkWhitmore

CITGO Petroleum Corporation Peggy Lasater Clark & Bill Clark Christina & Chris Clark MaryJane & Carl E. Crull Maria T. de Ases Martha & Charles DeCou Lura & Thomas R. Dietze, M.D. Lisa & John Dorn Joseph Doolin Bonnie & Jack Dugan, M.D. Susan & John M. Duke, III, M.D.

Restricted gifts Animal care Operations

LTC Henry F. Fey, USA Ret. Phyllis & George A. Finley, III Kelley & Pat Frost Fulton-Coastcon General Contractors Dr. Robert & Gloria Furgason Berta & Eddie Garcia Tom & Diane Gates Samantha & Dos Gates Emma & Jesse Gilbert Krista Borgelt-Gonzales & Ron Gonzales Joelle & Paul J. Guilfoyle H-E-B Audrey & Brian Hagemann Kim & Matt Hammer Amy & Aaron M. Harvey, M.D.

Coastal Bend Community Foundation George & Mary Josephine Hamman Foundation Strake Foundation Union Pacific Foundation Veterinary Anesthesia Systems, Inc. aquaTeens Kendra Scott LLC General Motors Education American Bank Espejo Energy, LLC CITGO Petroleum Corporation National Marine Sanctuary Foundation


28 | 2019 Annual Report

Mission To engage people with animals, inspire appreciation for our seas, and

support wildlife



To be a global leader

in fostering support

for the conservation

of the Gulf of

Mexico and the

Caribbean Sea.


2710 North Shoreline Boulevard Corpus Christi, Texas 78402-1097

TexasStateAquarium. org

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