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February 2021

How I Fell for Cherry Pie “There’s no diet list I’d follow that rules out cherry pie.” –Edgar Guest

I try to eat healthy, but, I’ll admit, my sweet tooth has always been my weakness. During the pandemic, it hasn’t been easy to avoid the temptations of chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, chocolates, and many other favorites. It was especially tough when amazing and thoughtful patients would give us treats during the holidays! I’d watch the baskets in our break room, hoping they’d start walking away first.

But my biggest weakness is, by far, cherry pie.

While America’s most popular pie is still apple pie, cherry pie lands a close second. But it still surprised me when I found out Feb. 20 is National Cherry Pie Day! So, I thought I’d look into more cherry pie facts I hadn’t heard before. For one, National Cherry Pie Day is pretty close to Presidents Day, formerly known as Washington’s Birthday. Although there are no congressional records or known official origins of this holiday, National Cherry Pie Day could be linked to a tradition of making cherry pie on Washington’s Birthday, in reference to his famous story with a cherry tree. Another fun fact: Fruit pie used to be one of the most popular breakfast foods in the 19th century. Can you imagine pie for breakfast every day? That would’ve been heavenly for my past child self, when I initially started loving cherry pie. It started back when I was a kid. My grandmother made incredible cherry pies. She lived on a farm with my grandpa, and we visited her 3–4 times a year. She’d always pull me aside and — just to make me feel extra special — she’d have a fresh cherry pie made for me, or pull one from the freezer for me.

Maybe it was so delicious because she’d use fresh cherries from the farm, and her hard work every time — or maybe the magic is all the sugar added. Either way, for me, cherry pie has always been a satisfying treat whenever I need it. (Which has been both useful and taunting during a rough year like 2020!) Unfortunately, it’s been years since I’ve had her famous cherry pies. My grandmother passed away a few years ago. However, I’m very lucky that my lifelong valentine, my wife, makes a super tasty cherry pie. I’m sure my grandmother would be very proud to know that her tradition lives on, and her grandson still gets to eat plenty of homemade cherry pies. From hot, cold, to even fried, there’s a lot of ways to take your slice of pie. Personally, I love a hot cherry pie with a scoop of ice cream to top it off. No matter how you enjoy your cherry pie, I hope you get around to enjoying a slice this February! Or make one for someone you love — I can attest that it’s a wonderful way to show you care. Cherry pie will always be a part of my grandmother’s sweet legacy.

“[My grandmother would] always pull me aside and — just to make me feel extra special — she’d have a fresh cherry pie made for me, or pull one from the freezer for me.”


Border Collie Corner Why Dental Disease Is the No. 1 Problem for Pets

Hiya friends!

I hope your new year is going splendidly so far. I’ve met lots of cool owners and noticed that they all work hard to keep their pets happy and healthy — but one of the worst conditions that cats or dogs can get is dental disease. Pets can get it all: a severe amount of tartar, gingivitis, and cavities. These can become a source of infection for the rest of their bodies and affect their heart and kidneys. Worst of all, dental pain can go unnoticed by a lot of owners and even veterinarians. Some will assume a certain amount of crabbiness is just part of a pet’s behavior when that isn’t the case. Imagine you have a BIG toothache, but you don’t understand what it is and you can’t tell or ask anyone about it. That’s the type of situation our pets are in anytime they get a toothache.

A Beautiful Sunrise

The Heartwarming Recovery of a 15-Year-Old Cat

After the derecho on Aug. 10, Sunrise — a 15-year-old cat — escaped from his home, leaving his owners devastated.

They searched and searched for him. Oct. 1 came around the corner, and even though it had been almost two months since they had seen their sweet Sunrise, they did not lose hope. Instead, they continued searching. Suddenly, one day, Sunrise’s owners got news that a good samaritan had found a cat that looked very similar to a picture they had posted of Sunrise. His owners rushed over and realized it was indeed their cat Sunrise! However, he looked very different from when they had seen him last.

I know what you’re thinking now: What can you do to help and prevent tooth pain?

After being outdoors for almost two months he was severely malnourished, dehydrated, and very weak.

Sunrise was hospitalized here at Petersen Pet Hospital where Dr. Saunders and staff nourished him back to health enough that his owners could take him home.

Sunrise’s owners were incredibly dedicated, taking the time to bring him in almost every week for recheck exams and fluids. In no time, Sunrise began making a comeback.

‘My Furry Valentine’ Pup Snacks

With each and every visit he regained more and more weight and started acting like his normal spunky self! We’re so happy to have played a part in helping Sunrise and his owners — thank you for trusting us with him!


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Warm Up to These Small Projects For Better Home Insulation

Are you feeling a draft, even when you’re nestled on the couch? Even though good home insulation is important every part of the year, chances are you notice its absence much more in the winter months. But before you call in a construction crew to tear down your walls and fix your insulation, try these simple, budget-friendly ways to keep heat inside your home. Weatherproof your doors. If you can feel chilly air coming through the crack between the bottom of your door and your hardwood floors, putting foam or rubber weatherstripping under your doors can stop the cold air from getting into your home and circulating through every room. Even if the crack between your floor and your door is extra large, you can double up on weatherstripping. Plus, it can be easily removed when necessary! Install thick curtains over your windows. If you have drafty windows, invest in some thick curtains. Light curtains are great when the weather is warmer, but a good set of heavy curtains will keep the heat from escaping. For added insulation, you can also find curtains with thermal backs. However, if saving money is more important than aesthetics for you, you can also insulate your windows by blow-drying some plastic wrap onto the windows to fill any holes. Keep up with your HVAC maintenance. Maintaining your HVAC system means changing out filters once a month, cleaning ducts regularly, and watching for leaks in the air duct system. (Some key indicators of leaks are higher energy bills during the summer or dust accumulating more in one room than in others.) You can also maintain your HVAC system by simply moving furniture out of the way of vents so it can disperse heat more equally throughout your home. The cold may be sticking around for a while longer. But with some proper insulation, you won’t have to be reminded of that when you’re indoors, all while saving a pretty penny.

The best thing you can do is brush your pet’s teeth! It should take less than a minute, but it does take a LOT of baby steps if your pet isn’t used to it. There are also types of dry food, dental chews, and even water additives that’ll help protect your pets’ teeth. Try water additives with all-natural solutions to help cut down bacteria that leaves behind tartar; it can majorly improve your pet’s oral health in the long run. Also, while human dentistry recommends professional cleanings twice a year, we recommend bringing your pet in for a cleaning once a year. This can prevent huge dental issues and dental pain that could alter your pet’s quality of life without your realizing it. It can sound like a lot of work, but with just a little bit of quick, extra care, it can change your pets’ life. I can’t wait to meet you and your pets soon! See ya next month, newsletter friends!

Who needs a Valentine’s Day date when you have a furry friend at home? This Feb. 14, show your pooch your love with these frosty strawberry dog treats. Use a heart-shaped silicone mold to make this snack extra festive.

INGREDIENTS • 1/2 cup plain yogurt •

1/4 cup frozen strawberries, puréed


Fill each heart in the mold 3/4 full with yogurt.


Freeze the yogurt hearts for 1 hour.

Note: If you don’t have a heart-shaped mold, you can freehand your treats on a parchment paper-lined baking sheet. Freeze 1 tbsp dollops of yogurt for an hour, then top with 1/2 tbsp of strawberry purée and freeze another hour. 3. When the yogurt is set, add the puréed strawberry on top of each heart to fill the rest of the mold. 4. Freeze for another hour, then share the tasty treats with your dog!

Inspired by



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PMS292 A Tiny Dog Is Crowned the Biggest Hero PMS5635 PMS1215

Heroes Come in All Sizes MacKenzie the Chihuahua is One Big Hero

The American Humane Hero Dog Awards competition is an annual celebration that honors some of the world’s most extraordinary canines. The awards recognize dogs that have gone above and beyond the call of duty, whether it’s saving lives on the battlefield, comforting the ill or elderly, or demonstrating just how powerful the bond between humans and animals can be. Winners are crowned in several categories, but the “American Hero Dog” is the top winner selected by expert panelists and a popular vote. It most often goes to dogs who show astute bravery in what they do, and in 2020, that bravery came in a 4-pound package. MacKenzie the Chihuahua bested over 400 competitors to be selected as 2020’s American Hero Dog. Born seven years ago with a cleft palate and severe pneumonia that nearly took her life, MacKenzie fought hard to overcome her sickness and birth defects. Soon after she defied all odds, her owners noticed her affinity for other animals — despite being tiny compared to many of them. That’s

when they gave her a special job: caring for baby animals born with birth defects just like she was.

Many of the rescue animals MacKenzie helps care for have medical problems that prohibit them from staying with their mothers, but MacKenzie takes a genuine interest in each baby from the moment they’re introduced, no matter its species or size. She plays nurse, cleans, and comforts them through their recovery, becoming a pseudo-mother that teaches them how to socialize and play. She’s nurtured countless puppies, kittens, birds, squirrels, mice, goats, and turkeys. Despite her tiny size, she’s even mothered a Great Dane. In addition to caring for rescued animals, MacKenzie also helps kids learn to be open-minded about both animals and people with physical differences or disabilities. The Chihuahua teaches the kids kindness and patience and shows them that no matter how small you might be, you can make a big difference.

MacKenzie lost her ability to bark very early in life, but she has one of the loudest voices when it comes to speaking for disadvantaged animals. Heroism truly comes in all shapes, sizes, and forms, but MacKenzie demonstrates that the most heroic act of all is exuding compassion for others, no matter their circumstances.

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