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Learning to Fly And My Reason for Wanting This Challenge

Amelia Earhart Day is on July 24 this year. The holiday makes me think of what she accomplished in her lifetime and reminds me of how much I loved flying. Before I started the Miller Law Office, I was working at another law firm and needed external and mental challenges, so I decided to learn how to fly.

For part of my lessons, I had to take a flight by myself to another airport about 100 miles away. I chose to fly to Tyler from the Addison Airport. When they turn you loose in an airplane by yourself, your instructor gives strict minimum weather safety standards you have to follow. These are less restrictive once you get your

“I had so much adrenaline afterward that my hand was shaking when I signed up for classes.”

The first time I flew was a discovery flight, which is when they put you in a plane with an instructor to see if you’ll like it or not. I found out that I really, really enjoyed it. In fact, I had so much adrenaline afterward that my hand was shaking when I signed up for classes. But I was a little unlucky; I couldn’t fly for about three weeks due to how bad the weather was.

actual private pilot’s license. Before I took off, I made sure to check the weather. It was supposed to be overcast all day, but it was still within my limits. But once I landed in Tyler, I realized I couldn’t make the flight back due to unexpected weather moving into Dallas. I had to sit around the airport for two hours waiting for an instructor to pick me up. The student the instructor was with already had his private pilot’s license and was doing more advanced lessons, so he flew back in the plane I had been in while I went back with the instructor. When I finally got my license, it was a lot of fun! I loved everything about it and flew as often as I could. I even had the chance to take my two eldest children, Grace and Elissa, up in the air a few times, which was a wonderful experience for all of us. Thinking back, I’m not really sure why I wanted to fly in the first place. Learning was a choice I’ll never forget, and I knew it was a challenge I wanted to face. I believe the decision may have had something to do with my father and grandfather. My dad was an airplane mechanic (he just retired as chief inspector for the very small airlines in Alaska) and worked with a lot of small planes. My grandfather had his pilot’s

license, so I grew up hearing stories about how my grandfather would fly in from out of town while he was dating my grandmother. They didn’t live in the same town. Granddad saw Granny on a train working with a slide rule. He figured she was smart and started talking to her. The plane was a way they could keep in touch. He would buzz her one-room schoolhouse in his late ‘40s Aeronca Champ and then land in a nearby field to wait for her. Then they would head off to enjoy their date. Flying will always be something I treasure, and maybe one day I can get back up in the air. For now, I’ll enjoy the memories I have.

-Aaron Miller | 1

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