GENEDGE Annual Report 2018

Annual Report 2018

Virginia’s best public resource to help manufacturing and industry innovate, compete, and grow.


innovate. compete. grow.


Message from Board Chair

The GENEDGE Alliance Board of Trustees acts on behalf of the Commonwealth of Virginia, through their appointment by the governor. Chair and Vice Chair: Dr. Wayne P. Stilwell , Chair CEO, Stilwell Technology and Robotics, LLC; Chair, Strategic Planning Committee Jeffrey S. Jaycox , Vice Chair President / Owner, Tabet Manufacturing Co.

GENEDGE Alliance continues to be a key technology and manufacturing growth developer for the Commonwealth of Virginia. The strong and successful collaboration between both parties in Virginia’s General Assembly in support of GENEDGE has facilitated the delivery of technology jobs and expanded business opportunities for manufacturers here in the Old Dominion. GENEDGE is increasing its effectiveness and reach within the Commonwealth as it expands contact locations and brings focus to the needs of each of Virginia’s unique regions. From the heavy manufacturing in the Piedmont foothills to the Appalachian mountains’ reinvention of coal industry technologies; from Old Town and Northern Virginia’s growing high tech to the shipyards that protect democracy’s might to assisting many small companies in Nathanael Greene’s Dan River region, GENEDGE is all about developing Virginia’s future through manufacturing and technology business growth. It is my honor and pleasure to serve as GENEDGE’s Chairman of the Board of Trustees. I urge all of Virginia’s leaders, manufacturers, teachers and industrial professionals to actively get involved with GENEDGE Alliance’s many programs and continue to make a more prosperous future for Virginians with opportunities for all.

Board Members: Dr. Makola M. Abdullah , President Virginia State University Ed Albrigo , President Center for Innovative Technology (CIT) The Honorable R. Brian Ball Secretary of Commerce & Trade Tamea L. Franco , President / CEO Global Metal Finishing; Member, Executive Committee Hans de Koning , President Flexicell, Inc. Dr. John T. Dever, President Thomas Nelson Community College

Richard J. Gagliano , President / CEO AccuTec Blades, Inc. Aviv Goldsmith , President Precursor Systems, Inc. Marilyn Hanover , President Hanover Business Solutions, LLC Roy C. Irvine , Quality Systems Manager The Wauford Group DCI David R. Lohr , President / CEO Navigation Point Advisors John E. Mead , CEO Master Gage & Tool Co. Kevin N. Mumpower , Principal Executech Advisors, LLC

Dr. John A. Downey , President Blue Ridge Community College Marc Foglia , President & Co-Founder NVIS, Inc. Dr. Tiffany McKillip Franks , President Averett University Douglas Frost , PE, Senior Vice President Dewberry Engineers, Inc.; Chair, Human Resources and Compensation Committee

Dr. Bruce Scism , President Danville Community College Meiky Tollman , Chief of Operations and Supply Chain Sabra Dipping Company

Dr. Wayne P. Stilwell, CEO Stilwell Technology and Robotics, LLC

GENEDGE’S vision is to be Virginia’s go-to resource that accelerates the growth of manufacturing and technology industrial clusters and quality jobs.


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Building Tomorrow, Today

Virginia is fortunate the economy has continued to strengthen. We have seen the addition of 88 establishments and 3,680 jobs across the state in GENEDGE Alliance’s target market, which includes manufacturing, engineering and technology businesses. However, our CEO study last year identified that a lack of engineering, sales, marketing, IT and production management staff is creating a significant drag on company growth. These insights provided GENEDGE with a focus on how we could better meet company needs by strategically enhancing our service model. We created a new Industrial Development organization to support expansion via regional growth consultants. Their focus is to help regional ecosystems strengthen core industrial clusters and to establish new, aspirational ones through direct services and collaborative platforms. Our Operations Team is improving consulting services practice development and delivery, including a growing set of premier third party independent contractors. Recruiting new talent and opening a new Hampton Roads office are key milestones for a successful year.

The new GENEDGE strategy will provide a platform that better aligns resources to help clients through our programs and partnerships. We are soliciting investor support to address underperforming subsectors in the economy, as well as promote major opportunities for new and existing cluster growth across the state. One aspiring cluster in Virginia is medical device companies. GENEDGE is leading an effort – MedMMAP SM – to build advanced quality capabilities into the medical device supply chain. The ability to achieve MedAccred SM accreditation may lead to long term global sole source positions for their products. We teamed with Reinvent Hampton Roads to expand growth accelerator services for at least a dozen local small and mid-size industrial firms. In addition, our new CCAM partnership helps clients adopt advanced manufacturing methods to improve cost, quality and process capabilities. In Southwest Virginia, our partnership with SVAM has our coalfield diversification program rolling with over 30 companies developing new markets, products and services. Finally, we are pleased to team with the TRRC to accelerate commercialization of their R & D portfolio.

As we look ahead, two new DoD funded programs focused on Supplier Cyber Security & Rural Supply Chain Capability Expansion will position GENEDGE well to leverage a key industry to spur cluster growth by taking advantage of the upturn in defense spending to support the economic development goals of the Commonwealth.

Thanks to all of GENEDGE Alliance’s team members, investors, partners, clients, board members, and our affiliate MTC for a contributing to a strong 2018, and what we believe will be an outstanding 2019. Bill Donohue, President / ED

Bill Donohue President / Executive Director

175 companies in FY2018

GENEDGE served

779 New and Retained Jobs

$119.5 million New Client Investments

$ 114.3 million Cost Savings

$100 million New and Retained Sales

$140.2 million Bottom Line Impact Total

*Source: U.S. Department of Commerce / Independent Survey of Clients

innovate. compete. grow. 4 Our Market

“Ready to take our company to the next level, GENEDGE helped with clarity and guidance on how to attain our company’s vision of the future. Through research, analysis, and structured action items, GENEDGE has better positioned us to improve and grow our business.” - Watt R. Foster, Jr., President and CEO of Foster Fuels, Inc., Brookneal, Va. Business Growth Accelerator

GENEDGE’s core market consists of 10,627* companies in the manufacturing, engineering, and technology sectors. They employ 322,230* and represent 11% of the Virginia GDP. * Source: 2018-Q1 Virginia Employment Commission Labor Market Information

New Product “This [GENEDGE] program was instrumental in helping us move from R&D to commercialization of the MELD technology.” - Nanci Hardwick, CEO, Aeroprobe and MELD Manufacturing, Christiansburg, Va.

“In August 2017, RADVA set a new monthly production record of 86 mold changes. This would not have been achievable if we had not revamped our entire mold change process with GENEDGE’s assistance along with the assigned Virginia Tech ISE Senior Design Team.” - Jeremiah Spence, Safety/Operations Manager, RADVA Corporation, Radford, Va. Virginia Tech Grado Department of ISE Senior Design Project - Press Mold Changeover Time Reduction

SVAM COE Heart Project - New Product “GENEDGE supported our efforts in the development of a new product for existing and new markets called Proximity Detection TM System. This product will sense the proximity of individuals in reference to potentially dangerous equipment and shut the equipment down if the individual is in its travel path. The project was made possible via funding from the SVAM COE Heart Program that helps companies like ours recover from the decline of the coal industry supply chain.” - Larry Dye, Owner, MineQuest, Inc., Cedar Bluff, Va.

“GENEDGE helped us with reaching the certifications of ISO 9001 and also 14001. They helped us in the preparation to reach the certifications. We did the work for building up the entire quality system, all the pieces to live up to every single standard of these certifications.” - Johan Dalin, President, Starsprings USA Inc., Ridgeway, Va. Quality Management Certifications

Kaizen Event “The Manufacturing Technology Center helped us realize that we didn’t need to make major facility changes to increase flow. Through the Kaizen event, we were able to generate a long list of improvement ideas. From there, MTC guided us to focus on key areas that would lead to significant reductions in labor and inventory to help increase overall competitiveness.” - Steve Barrett, Engineering Department Head, Universal Fibers, Bristol, Va.

Clients served Board Member GENEDGE offices

Supply Chain Development / Commercialization Assistance


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“The assistance provided by GENEDGE and MilTech enabled us to evaluate suppliers and develop a more mature supply chain strategy, develop next generation prototypes, and better understand our markets. This has accelerated the commercialization of our exciting Active Shooter Detection (ASD) technology, a revolutionary indoor gunshot detection system, which integrates directly with existing fire alarm and security infrastructure.” - Chris Perrine, CEO and Founder, Protective Innovations, Arlington, Va.

Our Customers


Manufacturing Day

“Hiring and retaining the right team members is crucial to our industries’ ability to deliver on promises to customers. With the collaboration of the Prince William Public Schools CTE program, Prince William County Department of Economic Development and GENEDGE, we held two educational and impactful Manufacturing Day events where one of our advanced manufacturers’ key staff interacted with students and their parents, resulting in several excellent new hires to the company.”. - George Harben, Director, Existing Business and Entrepreneurship, Prince William County Department of Economic Development, Gainesville, Va.

“Since 2013, we have partnered with GENEDGE to train Green and Black Belts as well as offer a deep dive into Lean and Six Sigma in the VCUHealth community. Through our partnership, and mentored by GENEDGE experts, trainees have increased Blood Pressure measuring compliance by 300%, decreased staff onboarding time by 34% in one work unit, and increased revenue in one of our surgical divisions by nearly $300,000. We highly recommend GENEDGE as a partner in your continuous improvement journey.” - Dale Harvey, Director of Performance Improvement, VCU Health System, Richmond, Va.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification and Mentoring

Process Improvements / Lean Mentoring

Business Growth Accelerator

“The Five Bold Steps were critical for me and set the vision for the company. The steps helped us realign our internal skill sets. They were the turning point where I was completely convinced that the program was worth continuing. GENEDGE is equipped with the right tools for both small and medium businesses to help them realize their strategic goals and to help them understand the intent of the business in a clearer idea.” - Peter Bale, CEO, Sentinel Robotic Solutions LLC, Wallops Island, Va.

“We are truly grateful for GENEDGE’s ongoing support as ACI progresses through our Lean Journey. We have learned so much from their vast experience and knowledge offered through mentoring. We strongly believe in the critical role mentoring and collaboration plays in a Lean thinking organization in building the learning environment to support process improvements now and in the future.” - Evan Shriver, Executive VP of Construction Operations, Richmond, Va.

innovate. compete. grow. 6 HowWe Deliver Value

GENEDGE is Virginia’s best public resource to help manufacturing and industry innovate, compete, and grow.

GENEDGE 2019 Projected Service Mix

23 % 23 % 21 % 13 % 11 %

Commonwealth of Va. 14 % NIST-MEP

Supply Chain Engagement

Contracted Fees 39 %

Technology Acceleration

Strategic Innovation & Growth

22 %

Federal Funding

Cyber Security Services

Other Grants

1 %

National Network Programs

9 %

24 %

Process Improvement

Other Federal Grants

Business Model Platform

Projected Revenues FY2019 *Source: GENEDGE Budget

As we implement our Strategic Vision for 2021 , GENEDGE has a new business model based on collaboration, more modern communication tools, and varying service delivery methods. Through this model, GENEDGE will work to accelerate growth in technology and industrial clusters and businesses, thereby growing Virginia’s GDP and quality jobs.

Cindy DeOms Systems Administrator

Anthony Cerilli Director, National Programs

Linda Lancaster Marketing & Communications Manager

Josh Dawson CFO, Business Manager

Cindy Glisson Vice President of Operations

Dean Young Vice President, Industrial Development

Valerie Simpson Executive Assistant, Client Liaison

Brenda Bowman Office & Security Manager

Bill Donohue President, Executive Director

Mindy Priddy Marketing & Outreach Specialist





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GENEDGE is to be Virginia’s go-to resource that accelerates the growth of manufacturing and technology industrial clusters and quality jobs.

Shawn Wildman Senior Project Engineer

Nelson Teed Executive Director

GENEDGE operates PROGRAMS for specific markets and sectors to affordably deliver top and bottom line growth assistance. Here are some examples:

GENEDGE affiliates include the Manufacturing Technology Center (MTC) in Wytheville, Va. and a premier network of over 50 partners and service providers.

Aimee McCarthy Regional Growth Manager

James Smith Regional Growth Manager

Steve Holcomb Regional Growth Manager

Sam Wolford Regional Growth Manager



Industrial Development

Tom Zbell Project Manager

Pete Miles Technology Acceleration Manager

Jerry B. Robertson, PE Senior Advisor

Connie Sharpless Customer Operations Specialist

Roy Luebke Engagement Manager

Michael Levy Growth Practice Manager

Jeff Shook Lean Practice Manager

John Hagwood Innovation & Commercialization Practice Manager

Anna Yarashus Project Manager

Delivery & Practice Management


innovate. compete. grow.

Delivered Impact * *Source: U.S. Department of Commerce / Independent Survey of Clients

Other Partnerships

2000-2018 GENEDGE Client Impact

Every  client $  spent  returns $25   Every client pent returns $25


$2.3 billion sales increased or retained $1.5 billion cost savings $1.8 billion bottom line impact $598 million investments made to operations 12,742 jobs created or retained









$  Investment  

Client ROI  

GENEDGE Cumulative Economic Impact

Net Promoter Score %     Net Promoter Score ® % **


0   10   20   30   40   50   60   70   80   90  



1000   1500   2000   2500   3000   3500   4000   4500   5000  



0   500  






** Yearly percentage of clients surveyed that rated their customer experience well above industry benchmarks and indicate a strong likelihood of recommending GENEDGE to another company or colleague.

Headquarters: 32 Bridge Street • Suite 200 Martinsville, VA 24112 Phone: (276) 666-8890 Contact Us

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