2021 Annual Report - El Paso Police Department


El Paso Police Department

Law Enforcement in the past year has been in the crosshairs by some who say we are racists, poorly trained, and use the law against those who are socio-economically challenged. There is even a concerted effort from some politicians and the naive, that the harsh reality of enforcing the law is no longer necessary to guarantee the safety of our communities. Needless to say, those of us actually performing the duties of trying to safeguard our communities find this view of the world is in stark contrast to reality. Law enforcement must stand strong against such thinking. The examples of not doing so are evident in many cities across this nation where law enforcement has forsaken their responsibility to their communities. Those of us in law enforcement have taken an oath in the performance of our duties, and we collectively must STAND by that oath. Change and challenges to law enforcement ebb and flow as it always has, and always will. Failure to live by our Oath of Office, administered the day we are commissioned as Peace Officers, would only embolden the lawless among us, and betray those that rely on us to safeguard them. This message to the people of El Paso is simple and hopefully easy to understand. The El Paso Police Department will not abandon its’ responsibility to safeguard this City and its’ people for political expediency. We “Serve and Protect” to the Best of our ability! This has been my position as Chief during my tenure, and it will remain so as long as I am Chief.

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Letter from the Chief Organizational Chart Command Staff Department Demographics Regional Command Map NIBRS Crime Offense Statistics Use of Force Incidents Public Information Office Crime Stoppers Internal Affairs Code Enforcement Uniform Police Bureau I Pebble Hills Regional Command Central Regional Command Airport Special Services Division Headquarters Traffic DWI Task force High Performance Vehicle Unit Uniform Police Bureau II Northeast Regional Command West Side Regional Command Mission Valley Regional Command Training Academy

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Auxiliary Services Human Resources Payroll

Staffing & Employee Relations Backgrounds & Recruitment Administrative Services Grants Records New Initiative: Fire Fly Gunshot Detection System New Initiative: Volunteers In Patrol Service Community Outreach: Special Olympics Community Outreach & Support Police Week 2021 Awards & Commendations



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Promotions Retirements

End of Watch: Detective C. Santiago #1896 End of Watch: Detective C. Harmon #2137 End of Watch: Lieutenant J. Terrazas #1773 End of Watch: Blue Line Heroes

Chief of Police Gregory K. Allen

Special Operations Group Crisis Intervention Team Department Contractors


2021 Annual Report

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