2021 Annual Report - El Paso Police Department


El Paso Police Department

New Initiative: High Performance Vehicle Unit High Performance Vehicle Unit

Headquarters Traffic

The Motors Unit officers successfully completed a 3-week Northwestern University Motors Instructor Course at the Florence, Texas DPS Training Facility and brought back the latest motors-related operations knowledge to impart to the rest of the unit. Motors officers led 25 funeral escorts and 24 non-funeral motorcade escorts in 2021. They conduced traffic control during 13 special events. 53,212 total citations and warnings were issued. 17 community presentations were conducted at events like School Career Days, Coffee With A Cop Events, Fort Bliss Motorcycle Safety Presentations, and TXDOT Traffic Safety Campaign Kick-offs. Motors officers instructed 139 pre-service and in-service training sessions at the Police Academy in topics such as traffic procedures, radar

recertification, taser recertification, firearms instruction, emergency vehicle operation class, high performance vehicle recertification, motors recertification, and TECC Tier 1 Patrol training. The vision of the EPPD is to create a unified traffic division that is responsible for making the roadways safer for the citizens of El Paso through traffic enforcement, traffic

Total Citations/Warnings Issued Hazardous Citations Issued Non-Hazardous Citations Issued Parking/Misc Citations Issued Written Warnings Issued Special Events Funeral Honor Escorts Non-Funeral Motorcade Escorts Traffic Presentations Multi-Agency Traffic Enforcement Operations

53,212 34,326 14,500 88 4,298

13 25 24 17 7

investigations, and traffic safety awareness/education. In addition, SSD’s and HQ Traffic’s resources will be used to aid the City of El Paso with the Vision Zero Traffic Safety Program Plan.

With the growing traffic safety needs of the City of El Paso, and for increased efficiency and promotion of public safety, the Special Services Division (SSD) expanded and entered into Phase II of the EPPD Traffic Plan in 2021. A High Performance Vehicle Unit (HPVU) was implemented on October 3, 2021. The HPVU merged with Motors, and has been newly designated as

Headquarters Traffic. Five high performance Mustang vehicles were transferred from the regional commands to Headquarters Traffic, along with five operators who are certified in the High Performance Vehicle Course. The duties of the High Performance Vehicle Unit are to work traffic complaints and high collision intersections while enforcing and deterring traffic violations.

Additional duties are to handle city-wide traffic complaints, to investigate crashes, impound abandoned vehicles on state highways, assist with traffic control at special events, assist with funeral honor escorts, assist with motorcade escort operations, and to manage special events assigned by the Parade Coordinator and One Stop Shop.

DWI Task Force

In 2021, our focus was in “hot spot” areas to enforce DWI violations and also to deter other crimes with high visibility enforcement. The DWI Task Force also conducted several DWI awareness trainings to the youth and adults in the community. The DWI Task Force received several regional and national awards in 2021 for reducing crashes and saving lives, along with recognition for spreading DWI awareness in the community.

Arrests Citations Issued Felony Cases Handled Misdemeanor Cases Handled

Hazardous Citations Issued Non-Hazardous Citations Issued Written Warnings Issued Presentations

1,381 2,231 160



1,171 24



2021 Annual Report

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