2021 Annual Report - El Paso Police Department


El Paso Police Department

Mission Valley Regional Command

Training Academy

Pre-Service – Beginning with the 128th Academy Recruit Class, the El Paso Police Training Academy initiated the brand new Texas Basic Peace Officer Course (BPOC) 696. With this new course came the longest academy class on record at 10 months and one week due to it adding additional hours. The class was also longer because the academy added new and additional courses of department training. Among the newly added department courses were mental health-related trainings on Dealing with Grief, Self-Injury, Excited Delirium, Emergency Detention, the Intellectually Disabled, and Medication Induced Movement Disorder. In total, each recruit received 1,612 training hours. When it came time for the recruits to take the new Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) Licensing Exam, they had a 100% passing score. This is noteworthy because many police academies throughout Texas have had mass failure rates on the new exam.

Administration – The Administration section continued to manage all sworn personnel in database certifications such as NEXTEST and CJIS as required by the State of Texas. The Administration section was responsible for facilitating over 157,288 training hours for 1,146 sworn officers in 2021. In addition, the Administration section coordinated 2,340 courses, which ensured 189 sworn officers received advanced peace officer certifications. The Administration section was instrumental in updating the veterans’ payment benefits to reflect the changes in training hours for the State of Texas. This involved exhausting hours of preparation, a passing audit, and a successful submission to Veterans Affairs.

The Mission Valley Regional Command (MVRC) consists of an area which includes the Tigua Indian Reservation and the boundaries north of the Zaragoza International Bridge (Ysleta Port of Entry), and covering seven districts in the region. The Mission Valley Regional Command (MVRC) had a successful year in 2021. Despite having the least amount of personnel compared to the other regions, MVRC still ended the year with a decrease of 4% in crime. This was accomplished by the strong work ethic and dedication

Calls for Service Dispatched Events Officer Initiated Investigative and Tactical Units

30,129 15,922

Hours Taught to Civilians Civilians taught Hours Taught to Officers Officers taught Courses Taught For Civilians Courses Taught For Officers Courses Taught For Cadets Presentations

3,510 362

97,768 21,407 22 1,851 107 5

Cases Assigned Cases Cleared Staffing

2,031 1,035

possessed by the region’s officers, detectives, and supervisors.

Sworn Personnel Civilian Personnel

74 6

Police Area Representatives Events Held (Virtual & In-Person) Event Attendants

32 5,201

In-Service – The In-service section implemented a new triennial department training program consisting of two 10-hour days of training on Implicit Bias, Duty to Intervene, Basic Criminal Investigations, and Stress Inoculation. In-service staff additionally created a new course entitled Sleep Deprivation, Disruptions, and Disorders. They collaborated with the Pre-service section to provide the recruits versions of these courses. The In-service section continued the Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC) Course, which has now been delivered to approximately 75% of the Department’s sworn personnel. The TECC allows officers to provide critical care to major injuries in the field and become a life sustaining entity until trained medical personnel arrive. Lastly, In-service launched the Integrated Police/Fire Response Course, which prepares sworn officers for response to large scale critical incidents such as mass casualty events.

Part 1 Crime Cases Murder Aggravated Assault Robbery Forcible Rape Burglary Larceny-Theft Motor Vehicle Theft 5 157 32 54 130 739 173


2021 Annual Report

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