2021 Annual Report - El Paso Police Department


El Paso Police Department

In 2021, the ComSAR team responded to over 20 call outs. Some incidents were difficult to maneuver in because of terrain and injuries to the patients. Most rescues were technical rescues where team members had to incorporate rope systems, and one rescue required the assistance of a helicopter. Four new members joined the ComSAR team in 2021. In November, eight ComSAR team members successfully completed the two-week Rope Technician Course at the West Valley Fire Station.

Combined Search and Rescue Team Call-Outs Rescues Training Hours Completed 21 21 2,560

Special Operations Group

Since 2000, SWAT has undertook the task of training the entire department on Active Shooter Response. From May- August 2021, SWAT provided annual Active Shooter Response Training to all departmental members from the ranks of police officer to lieutenant. Training was conducted every Tuesday and Thursday until all sworn personnel had completed their annual refresher training.

Special Weapons and Tactical High Risk Warrants Served Barricaded Incidents SWAT Unit Activations Training Hours Completed Hazardous Device Technicians Call-Outs Items Defused or Retrieved Training Hours Completed

Dignitary Protection continued executing their protective responsibilities with 100% incident-free protection during several major special events including a Homeland Secretary Mayorka’s visits, Vice President Kamala Harris’ US-Mexico border visit, and Senator Ted Cruz’s visit. The Dignitary Team also protected the Mayor during the August 3 and the September 11 memorials. A new physical training assessment was developed by current team members and implemented into a two-day tryout. A Dignitary Protection tryout was held during April 28 and 29. Only the top seven candidates were selected.

62 26 88 21,719

Dignitary Protection Operations

138 235 2,107

Operations with City Hall Training Hours Completed

Due to COVID, gatherings and presentations were not possible until mid-year in July. From July to the close of the year SOG resumed conducting over a dozen presentations in the community. In August, SOG SWAT, Bomb, and ComSAR, in partnership with the EPMPOA and Child Advocacy Center, did an event for children highlighting the department’s specialty teams. In September, another significant community event where SOG showcased its teams was the EPPD Gala held at the Academy, hosted by the EPMPOA and Commander Lopez from the WSRC.

During 2021, CMT trained the entire department on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), a mental health course. ACEs introduced the concepts of early unpredictable stressors, losses, and adversities that children face as it will shape their biology in ways that predetermine their adult mental and physical health. This course also gave officers recovery methods known as the “sacred seven.” ACEs was a course that took a hard look into the background of what an individual may be facing without even knowing. CMT also led trainings that incorporated Texas Troopers and school district police that involved high risk negotiations.

Crisis Management Team Deployments Training Hours Completed 33 5,789

52 11 7,680


Tactical Flight Officers Flights Flown Hours Flown Number of Events/Calls

The Tactical Flight officers are attached to the Texas Department of Public Safety, Aircraft Division. DPS Aircraft provide air support to all law enforcement agencies in Region 4, as the region is large and diverse. TFO is a vital member of the aircrew, possessing the necessary skills to communicate with ground units, manage scenes, and handle the camera surveillance equipment. TFO provides a tactical insight and coordination to the ground units to accomplish the mission. The TFO can also provide Aerial Use of Force, assist in search and rescue operations, drug interdiction, and prisoner transport.

K9 was able to complete a new handler academy which consisted of a 21-week academic and physical training curriculum which challenged both handler and dog. On Dec 20, 2021, the department gained four new K9 teams to assist with patrol and narcotics detection.

Patrol Calls Observed Calls Vehicles Checked

1,319 199 3,222 258 58 16 2,559

310 924 388 722 59 388

Narcotics Searches Building Searches Area Searches Training Hours Completed

Suspects Located Suspect Arrests Training Hours Completed


2021 Annual Report

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